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Spawn Die 3!

By Coxxorz - Posted on 02 November 2011

2011-11-02 21:00

Okay, surely enough of us have Battlefield 3 now to play online in an actual team? And no, I don't mean 2-player co-op. Although after my experience on the untamed servers of the PC version this past weekend, I have to admit co-op is looking pretty good right now. But no, I'm willing to give it one last shot before MW3 comes out, and relegates this - and all future EA atrocities - to the Wall of Shame.

Now with any luck, MW3 will also suck, so I can concentrate on Saints Row 3!

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It's funny...cause this happened to me too...

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I was willing to play with you guys last night....but you and Blackwalt were doing coop...

Besides...have we even figured out yet how to play as a squad/team?

ven the games I did....kinda...decent in, my scores were 6/10....4/6...(Kills/Deaths) it was sad. The best players on each teams were 16/12. In one games the winning team's best player was 8/2. EIGHT KILLS. for the whole match. Seems you get a lot of point if you heal a lot of players or supply ammo. So I was watching some of them...they would run behind a player who was on the ground shoot and they would throw ammo on top of them. They would make point without the other player even knowing (unless you see the little ammo number going up in the bottom right corner. Same thing with medic bags.

I thought this was a shooter? Like the point was to actually shoot people?

There was one guy on my team who was 2/14....and he was ranked 2nd! ALL he did was run around healing people. But if you watch them...the healing doesn't really save anyone just delays their death by a few seconds. Seems rather pointless.

Also, the next time I play, I[m hooking up the recorder....there is a TON of wacked out sh*t happening. Like after the match...when you are staring at the final scores of everybody...a couple players numbers started changing. AFTER THE MATCH. I'm staring at this guy (right above me in ranking) and his kills number goes from 6 to 8. WTF? I don't believe it's hackers...cause other times, their deaths number jumps UP. 9 to 10 in one game and 7 to 13 on another!! Yet their scores don't change?! So is this the server just fixing itself or correcting a glitch?

In any case, their sh*t is STILL not 100%, no matter what they say.

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No co-op.

Coxxorz and I were playing Team Deathmatch and we weren't doing too badly.

Healing is odd. The person being healed needs to ACCEPT the healing. When you are healed you don't pop up right away. You lie there until you press A to ACCEPT the healing. Giving the enemy a little extra time to shoot you.

I have played a little this past week. Enough to get top rank 6. I am starting to understand it more. The improved weapons make a difference. Once I earned a SCAR and added a reflex sight, laser sight and grip it became a much better weapon.

I went from second to first place once when the first place player left the match after the game.

I plan on playing a little more. Coxxorz and I experienced very little network issues which was a surprise to us.

Although, we both had to quit and relaunch the game before we could join up as a squad. No error messages, it just wouldn't do it.

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so you have figured out how to JION as a squad or is this something you have to do after you're both in the game?

The only time I had to accept heeling is when I was "down" Was I had like 50% health...I just need to be over a healing pack and my heal would regenerate much quicker than on it's own

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Once in a match, you then have to coordinate which squad to join, and hopefully there is room. You can see who is in each squad at the Squad screen, except Blackwalt couldn't see me last night (yes, we were on the same team). I imagine you could "invite" someone to the game, which should put them in your squad. At least that's how it worked way back in BF1943. We were able to join the same squad eventually, but Blackwalt couldn't see my name on his list. I can't recall if this was rectified once the next match started.

Despite this, it's even fuckier on the PC side. This weekend I witnessed some pretty cool "features" of the game at Snuffy D's place:

- Could not see friend in Squad list (confirmed on same server/team - he was in the next room.)
- Could not join friend's squad (there was space)
- Could not join ANY open squad
- "Join random squad" did nothing
- "Join" button frequently not visible
- One squad actually showed "5/4 Players"

And other stupidity. But the best "Feature" of all is that you can't create a new squad. WTF is up with that? For a team/squad based game, they sure make it hard to join with your friends. Chalk another point up for CoD.

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