You are hereSeanMCR (and some zombies) kept me up past my bedtime!

SeanMCR (and some zombies) kept me up past my bedtime!

By Blackwalt - Posted on 21 June 2016

Past 10:30. PAST 10:30!

It was totally unreasonable and completely zombie mode related. SeanMCR had a daily challenge in Black Ops 3. Survive 15 rounds. Sadly it took us two attempts. But that second attempt was a great game, all the way to Round 32. Over twice what he needed.

I am not sure how SeanMCR managed to continue over the constant whining about bedtime but he did persevere and persevered well.

I played well. I suspect my new controller may have had something to do with it. Or SeanMCR. Hah, just kidding, definitely my new controller.

Round 32 in The Giant on Black Ops 3. Absolutely no idea what are best was but SeanMCR claimed it was the highest round he had reached. We need to try with more players.

After playing I was asked by Guba how SeanMCR was doing in the aftermath of the Fort McMurray fire. My response was "umm, he mentioned he was back in Fort Mac..."

    Guba: "Anything else? How did his return go?"

    Blackwalt: "Umm, no, didn't come up."

    Guba: "You didn't ask? What did you talk about?"

    Blackwalt: "Covering his zombies. Where the perks were. Whether he had monkeys? That the zombies on the left were his. Why does the tickle trunk keep moving if Graybush isn't here? What weapons he had? Do we have any floor guys yet..."

      I got cut off.

    Guba: "Nevermind. Forget I asked."

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