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HoC Random Bad Connection of the Day - 12012020

By Blackwalt - Posted on 01 December 2020

An unscheduled Sega Nite of jumpiness, warping, and lag. But it wasn't SeanMCR.

While SeanMCR was there, the bad internet connection was all mine. All mine.

My evening of Black Ops Cold War was rife with bad connections. Graybush and Stormblade were laughing at my character's entertaining movement and complaining about my poor voice communication. I did a quick Speedtest (without proper implementation) and discovered that my upload speed was missing. Absent. Absconded without me.

My expected 10 Mbps was coming in at less than 1 Mbps. I know you never get your full advertised provider numbers (75 Mbps DL and 10 Mbps UL in my case), particularly without setting up a proper test connection (only one machine connected to the Modem). But still, I usually see better upload numbers on average. SeanMCR was enjoyng being on the opposite side for a change. This despite an ample amount of swearing coming through his microphone.

Complete restart of everything did nothing.

Those of you that pay attention to this website have already realized that I have spent a significant amount of time recently changing my network. Upgrading, theoretically.

I was not looking forward to a support call with my provider.

    PROVIDER: Have you touched anything in your network recently?


    PROVIDER: What have you changed or moved?

    BLACKWALT: ...everything....

    PROVIDER: Your modem?


    PROVIDER: Your router?


    PROVIDER: Your switch?


    PROVIDER: Your...

    BLACKWALT: JUST YES! Just write YES everywhere!


Anyway, I was hoping to avoid that.

Time to start touching more network stuff. But first...

Despite this network trouble and numerous "Connection Interrupted" messages while playing Black Ops Cold War I had several good games. Such as...

33 and 9

Not sure is this was my strongest Black Ops Cold War game yet but it was definitely my strongest game with Herd of Cats' witnesses. Graybush, Pwn Call, Stormblade, and BattleAxe. Fortunately SeanMCR had just left or he would have stolen half my kills.

Network Touching

One of the network fixes that Pwn Call and I tend to exchange with each other was an odd recommendation that we had both received from our provider. A fix that seemed odd but had worked previously for both of us.

   Turn off your Cable Modem.

   Disconnect the Coax cable.

   Leave the Modem off for at least 15 minutes with the Coax disconnected.

   Reconnect everything and turn it back on.

While this seems odd this is the method recommended to obtain a different IP address from your provider. Otherwise you will keep the same reserved IP address even after restarting your Modem.

So I did this not expect it to work. And yet...

Dammit! 9.99 Mbps! Where is the 10 Mbps I was promised.

I didn't expect it to work but it did.

I texted Pwn Call immediately "But it shouldn't have worked!"

But it quite obviously did. And it's still very close to 10 Mbps right now. (9.44 Mbps)

I can't help but think my poor connection was related to my 33 and 9 Black Ops Cold War score. Maybe I should have left it broken. We will have to play more Black Ops Cold War just to make sure.

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The nonexistent upload speeds Blackwalt was experience meant his outgoing audio (mic) only worked intermittently.


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