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HoC Random Addiction of the Day - 10242020

By Blackwalt - Posted on 24 October 2020

I didn't know Fallout 76 had a live action trailer! I love those!

So in tribute to Microsoft's purchase of Bethesda I decided to try Fallout 76. Which supports coop multiplayer by the way.

And while it is presently on sale for $21.99, it is also on Xbox Game Pass which is how I am playing it. AND is free to play this weekend.

I did suffer a mild addiction to Fallout 3 (playing it well after release) but did not enjoy Fallout 4 at all. Barely putting any time into it.

I am presently well into my second week of Fallout 76 and have played with Stormblade at least. I am discussing possibilities with Pwn Call.

To be honest almost everything you heard about Fallout 76 on launch was bad. It was generally panned by critics and fans. Fortunately I saw a story about how a year later Fallout 76 was now the game people wanted on launch. This seems to have been proven true by the amount of time I am putting into it.

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I really did. But ... but ... AC: Valhalla is coming! I have to plan my addictions carefully.

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