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HoC Random "Strange Brigade" of the Day - 06272020

By Blackwalt - Posted on 27 June 2020

This one was quite strange...

I still had to wrestle a young Grizzly Adams for my game but at least it was home delivered...I still had to wrestle a young Grizzly Adams for my game but at least it was home delivered...

So when Strange Brigade appeared on Xbox GamePass several months ago, I loaned my physical copy to Graybush so that he could play with us. This worked beautifully until it disappeared from Gamepass. Then it worked less well.

For me! Graybush had no issues.

After the second (or third, or fourth) time I tried to play the game with Pwn Call on Sega Nite I pointed out that perhaps this Covid Thing isn't as bad as all that and perhaps, perhaps, Graybush could still return my game to me. Particularly since there is now some DLC that I own and have yet to play.

Today, I received a flurry of texts just as I sat down to supper...

Which, to those of you that speak Graybush, clearly states "I am in your driveway and not leaving until you come out here."

Or until I call the cops. Again.


   "No, someone else this time."

Anyway, once he beat his way through the cordon with my SteelBook copy of Strange Brigade he very graciously, all things considered, returned it to me. Within two months of me asking for it back.

Which by our standards is considered prompt.

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