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Halo 3 and HoC standards - such as they are...

By Blackwalt - Posted on 26 September 2007

Don't know if we want to bother but it's probably not a bad idea to settle on a standard emblem and service tags.

Here's how to make what we are using so far.

There is a Tomcat icon near the bottom of the selection list. Select this and colour it orange (Emblem primary - 3 down, 2 across).

Pick the cowboy hat from the backgrounds and colour it a red (Emblem background - 2 down, 1 across). Will correct this once I am in the game again.

Use the X button to Toggle Icon and get rid of the stupid bow tie, and you are good to go (this means emblem secondary colour doesn't matter.

The Cowboy hatted cat was something I threw together temporarily but MoriceRevek and Coxxorz thought it was hilarious and Herd of Catish so we all selected it.

Service tags are one letter and two numbers: We have chosen H for the letter and were using the same two digit number but unique numbers makes it easier to identify each other. I am H01, Coxxorz is H07, you may choose but each has to be unique. First come first served.

Armour colours have yet to be decided. Do we want to be the same or do we want to be all over the map. I was a green/orange combo, Coxxorz was Red and MoriceRevek was the default colours.

What do we want to do as a clan? All red? All variation of red? So I can be orange (tangerine) and MoriceRevek can be pink ... I mean light red?

Let us know your opinions in true HoC style.

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