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EB Games Game Days redux

By Coxxorz - Posted on 21 July 2009

In an attempt to redeem myself for posting faulty deal info, I'm back for Round Two of Bargain Whoring.

In addition to their daily Door Crashers for the month of July, EB Games is running a weekly special. This week's deal is a good one: save a certain percentage off a used gaming accessory with the purchase of a used game. It breaks down like this:

Save 10% on a used accessory with the purchase of any $9.99 used game
Save 25% on a used accessory with the purchase of any $14.99 used game
Save 50% on a used accessory with the purchase of any $19.99 used game

You can see why I hilighted that last one. I've been looking at upgrading the pitiful 20GB drive on my Xbox 360 for some time, but felt reluctant to pay Microsoft's lube-less prices. I considered hacking my own, but lacking a DOS-capable PC and a degree in Alchemy, decided to wait until a better deal came along. Turns out EB Games carries used hard drives! Only 120GB was available. Darn. But staring at the $14.99 used game I was about to purchase, it occurred to me that I could do better...

Blackwalt can attest to how hard it is to find a good used game in a hurry. But it was well worth the effort: consider that a $20 purchase can save you $75 and you'll understand why. And then you can sell the game!

If only the deal applied to their $129 used Xbox consoles! Then I would have been calling my banker.

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