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HoC vs. the Zombies

By Blackwalt - Posted on 07 August 2009

The Zombies win! The Zombies win!

It was never really in doubt.

So Treyarch has done it again and made a fourth Zombie mode that is distinctly different from the previous three. And just like in the previous three, we suck at it.

There are a lot of new things in Der Riese and we saw very few of them. It may have helped if we had stayed alive for more than a few levels. Teleporters? Sure, with power which we hardly ever managed to activate. Pack-a-punch machine? No power. Perk machines? We found two of them. As for the Monkey Bomb? Let's just say the "Grenade" Graybush has found a new favourite weapon.

Hordes of Zombies? Those we found. And activated. And died under. Often.

Generally Der Riese looks like a huge map. We need to do more recon and discover where all the better weapons are (We did find the Tickle Trunk and died near it) as well as defendable locations. Every location we found was not defendable. By us anyway.

Once Stormblade even had the newer laser weapon and we had a chance. This was immediately before he disconnected and the other three of us died. Under a horde of Zombies. He did get back in and immediately disconnected again on an earlier level which was easier to survive. We managed to find a semi-defensible area near an inactive teleporter. This lasted until we fought off the Hell Hounds and Coxxorz and Graybush started a modelling agency trying to get the perfect picture of Graybush with a Hell Hound model that had remained after being killed. This left me single handedly covering two windows and two staircases. Coxxorz got a good picture of Graybush dying under a Horde of Zombies as they somehow managed to get around me.

You would have thought that my Revive flag would have cut the photo shoot early but apparently not.

Xbox Live died shortly after this and the Horde of Zombies must have slept soundly knowing that they were now safe from Herd of Cats. I am sure that after a few more rounds we may even have become a threat to them.

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