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Just Cause 2 diaries #2

By Blackwalt - Posted on 02 April 2010

So since Moricerevek mentioned the Mile High Club I thought I would start there.

First, it seems to be easy to spot and I think players get to it early.

Just not always on the first try.

So I was completing a Race Challenge – Sawah County Crossing, a plane flying challenge - when I saw something in the distance. I didn't complete the challenge on my first try so instead I decided to check out the giant floating thing. Who wouldn't be curious?

I flew toward the hovering object and ten minutes later I could finally make out what it was.

It turned out to be two giant dirigibles supporting a floating city. A small city. As I flew closer the loud bass beat of the music showed me that it was a club of some kind.

Deciding to take the cautious approach I chose to land on top of one of the dirigibles.

Turned out not to be a problem as I made a gentle two point landing (I was in a chopper).

However, landing wasn't the issue...

Turns out that the top of a dirigible wasn't flat. And it was kind of slippery. I didn't have a problem but my helicopter didn't stick the landing.

This photo shows my helicopter slowing sliding off of the dirigible to an uncertain fate. Not a positive fate sure, but uncertain. I chose not to go with it.

So that was my ride gone. Hope I didn't need it. I figured I could grapple down between the dirigibles and make it to the club and that's kind of what I did. Except for the part about the club.

Halfway down I got stuck between the dirigibles and had to force my way through to one end. Then I jumped fell down toward the club.


Wow, that's a lot further than I thought it would be.


Still pretty far. Maybe I should pop my parachute.


Definitely parachute time. Pop.

So there I was positioned perfectly to gently float down under the comfort of my billowing parachute to the floating club that I had been so curious about.

Except for the vicious cross winds that blew me away from the club and tumbled me around so badly I couldn't get my grapple targeted on anything.

Blown out to sea, no where near the club. Not the first time I had to land in the ocean in the middle of nowhere and surely not the last.

I wonder if my helicopter is floating around here anywhere?

Blackwalt Game Stats (so far):

Total Chaos 154710
Total Earnings $629638
Locations Discovered 37
Locations Completed 13
Unique Vehicles Driven 35
Total Distance Driven 35k
Resource Items Acquired 160
Kills 637
Sabotages Completed 191
Highest Base Jump 151m


Please stop talking.


Some lines may have been crossed.

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