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A Comedy of Errors

By Blackwalt - Posted on 28 August 2011

Graybush and Blackwalt go to the Moon. High jinks ensue.

It was an entertaining night for Graybush and me. Once again in Zombie mode testing out the new Moon map.

The way it started you think we would have known to give up for the night.

Yes this is Level 1, 45 seconds worth, which isn't unusual for your first attempt at the Moon but this was well past that. Strangely it was Graybush that went down. On Level 1. I did manage to get to him and start the revival process. However a hell hound and a small horde of Zombies arrived at exactly the same moment and interrupted me.

Graybush said something about blaming an oil drum but to be honest I tuned him out after the first couple of words.

It got better. Kind of. If you squint.

Level 4. Technically Level 4 is better as we got to the Moon. But it didn't feel like a success in any way.

Then we swore that we would pay attention this time.

It got better. Kind of. If you squint.

Level 4. Technically Level 4 is better as we got to the Moon. But it didn't feel like a success in any way.

Yes that's Level 4 twice. What can you do? Please notice that I have been doing all the killing so far which is odd.

Then things got strange. Friends who are never on Live showed up to play with us.

We see Hardwood so rarely that we didn't want to kill him. But we did. Cause, you know... zombies.

Maybe we should have kept Hardwood alive as we didn't last much longer anyway.

Okay, fine. One more try.

Now the rarely seen friends started crawling out of the woodwork.

I think this is the only way we will ever play Black Ops with Snuffy D.

I called dibs but Graybush ignored me and had Stormblade dead before I could even swing my gun around! Graybush!

Hardwood again. This time he is walking his dog.

We had an additional keystone cops moment when the Tickle Trunk was in the original starting area. This area is enclosed when you start the game but after you turn the power on a trap door opens in the floor. Under this trap door is a bounce pad which allows you easy access into the area. It works for zombies as well by the way.

Anyway Graybush was running for the tickle trunk and I had the joy of watching him disappear through the trap door which had, apparently, snuck up on him. He then bounced up again. Where he then fell back through the trap door. To bounce right back up again. Rinse and repeat.

To be fair it only took him three bounces to get back up on the main floor. He then very carefully walked around the trap door to get to the tickle trunk. I know it's no surprise but he was cursing the entire time. It was very amusing. For me anyway.

This time we at least got to Level 13 but it ended badly. We went back to Earth to upgrade one of Graybush's weapons and so that I could buy speed reload. From previous experience we had learned that a cage closed around the Pack-a-punch machine while you were upgrading a weapon. Protecting you from the zombies.

I remembered this lesson as I was the one left outside the cage with the horde of zombies last time. It was fortunate that I went down on top of the transporter so that Graybush could revive me when we got back to the Moon.

This time however Graybush came up with another one of his genius ideas.

"Why don't you come in the cage with me and we'll both be safe."

"Brilliant Pinky!"


"Okay I'm in..."


"Umm Graybush, there's a lot of zombies in here."

"The cage isn't closing!"

So while Pinky and the Brain were contemplating their corpses and watching the Game Over screen Pinky added the following conclusion.

"I guess the cage doesn't close if there is more than one person inside."

My response has been graciously withheld.


Please stop talking.


Some lines may have been crossed.

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