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HoC Zombie Mode Tip of the Day: New Grenades

By Blackwalt - Posted on 30 August 2011

Recently we have spent a lot of time in the new Call of Duty BlackOps Rezurrection, The Moon map. Why shouldn't you benefit from our "educational" experience.

Gersch DeviceGersch Device

    Today we continue with our resident grenade expert Graybush:
  • There are two new grenade types: QED (Quantum Entanglement Device) and the Gersch Device
  • Both are tactical grenades that take up your secondary grenade slot - one will override the other similar to molotov cocktails overriding monkey bombs. A lesson that took a while for Graybush to learn.
  • The Gersch Device is large box like grenade which generates black holes. It takes a few seconds to activate similar to the Monkey Bomb. When activated it creates a singularity which sucks all nearby zombies into it. We have seen it pull zombies closer, then deactivate leaving the zombies not only alive but closer than when the grenade was tossed. Fair warning.
  • The QED grenade suits our play style. It's random. It does different things whenever you throw it. We have had it:
    • explode in a manner similar to the astronauts
    • drop a weapon (a Steyr Aug in our case)
    • teleport the player
    • do nothing (as far as we could tell)
    • apparently it has 23 different effects

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