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Today I'm Batman

By Blackwalt - Posted on 18 October 2011

But I didn't think I would be

When I gave up on the Future Shop steel book edition of Batman: Arkham City I went and ordred it through one of Coxxorz' deals:

Wal Mart is selling an exclusive Batman: Arkham City for $59.83 with Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition included for free!

An online order only. I accepted two things about this deal. A second copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum and a shipping delay. So I gave away my first copy of Arkham Asylum to a friend and resigned myself to not playing Batman: Arkham City on release day. No big deal I tried to convince myself as I cried myself to sleep at night.

To add insult to injury, WalMart notified me that they shipped my order Monday. The day before the release date.

    Your order shipped on Mon, October 17, 2011. Your order number is XXXXXXX. You can check the delivery status of your order by visiting XXXXXXXXXXXX.

So I checked my order and found the estimated arrival date of October 21st. Yes, three more days of crying myself to sleep. And once again hardened myself for the wait. "Nothing to worry about" I tried to convince myself. It's not a multi-player game so it doesn't matter if all my friends are playing it first.

Really. It doesn't matter.

And then, this morning I tortured myself by checking on the status of my order shipment.

    2011/10/18 05:34 OTTAWA Item processed at postal facility

Ottawa already! Then later:

    2011/10/18 08:51 NEPEAN Item processed at local delivery facility

Nepean! Which is pretty much right next door to my house. My house being in Ottawa of course...


    2011/10/18 11:25 NEPEAN Item out for delivery

After each of these steps of course, I emailed an update to Coxxorz. But I don't want you to think I was glued to my machine hitting refresh ever 30 seconds or so. I was but I don't want you to think that.

I eventually received an email from Coxxorz which said:

    So... tomorrow?

To which I sent the following reply:

Yes, probably tomorrow....: The add on game is a full game case btw.Yes, probably tomorrow....: The add on game is a full game case btw.

As well as hitting refresh every 30 seconds (or so) I also may have been checking the mailbox every 5 minutes. May have.

Which is how I ended up with my copies of the Arkham games before the Canada Post mails site had caught up:

So there will be justice in Gotham City tonight, in Arkham City.

Evil beware, for today, for tonight...

I am BatmanI am Batman


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