You are hereAnother Future Shop Steel Book fiasco – Resident Evil 6

Another Future Shop Steel Book fiasco – Resident Evil 6

By Blackwalt - Posted on 04 October 2012

Thanks anyway but I wanted one that fit

Usually it is Coxxorz that complains about Future Shop's issues with steelbooks. This time it is my turn.

So if you look at the picture I posted yesterday you do not initially notice something that that I discovered shortly afterward.

The Steelbook is a PS3 version (as noted in the banner starting this post). In fact they even label it as such. The steelbook is a bluray sized case. The Xbox 360 game, however, is in a DVD sized case. A discrepancy of about 3/4 inch.

So Future Shop (in store) agreed that this was a problem but could not do anything as they only received the one size. Apparently this is the second time this happened according to a Future Shop customer service rep.

Clearly one of these things is different than the other. To me the most annoying thing here is any documentation that came with the game would not fit in the smaller steel book. As the Future Shop rep pointed out the DISC would still fit. Yes, thanks for that.

Unfortunately Resident Evil 6 outsmarted me by not including any documentation in the green DVD case. Point to Capcom I guess. The only thing in the case other than the game (on 2 DVDs) was an ad for the Resident Evil Damnation movie and it was smaller than even the bluray/PS3 case. Although I have to assume that Future Shop would have had no idea what paperwork Capcom would be including in the case before they designed the steelbook. So I do not think anyone wins this point.

So what do I have left to complain about?

One of these doesn't look like the other...

How's that look if I put it on my shelf? It is distinctive if nothing else but it is not what I want. Particularly if this trend continues.

Right now I am not going to be using the steelbook at all and this annoys me even more. The Resident Evil 6 steelbook is the primary reason I pre-ordered with Future Shop over anyone else and after receiving it I find it useless. To me anyway.

I feel that, if nothing else, Future Shop duped me into pre-ordering from them. Something I am not happy about now. I am not quite the avid collector of steelbooks that Coxxorz is but I still appreciate getting them when I can and as you see in the above picture I do have more than one.

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