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Old Times, zombie times, you know I've had my share

By Blackwalt - Posted on 12 October 2012

It did seem like a step backwards but did we ever enjoy it

So partway through our night of Borderlands 2 I had to confess to Graybush and SeanMCR that I just wasn't feeling it and was probably going to go soon.

Graybush said, "you know what, me too."

SeanMCR said, "how about something else?"

Which is how we ended up playing Modern Warfare 3.

For one round (which I won by the way).

Then SeanMCR said, "I may have a chance to prestige one more before Black Ops 2 comes out."

To which Graybush responded, "Black Ops! We should be playing Zombie mode."

Blackwalt has left the game

Blackwalt is playing Black Ops

At this point SeanMCR reminded us that he had traded in his copy of Black Ops. Arrrgh! Then continued that he seemed to remember repurchasing another copy... "wait, there it is. Found it."

So on to Verrückt! For 19 entertaining levels. We need to do this again!

And, of course, last night's round of Modern Warfare 3 didn't go into theater mode so I have no picture to prove I won the round. This may have been caused by how quickly I ejected the game disk. Just accept that it was kill confirmed and there may have been some tag whoring involved.

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