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Counting down to the release of Saints Row IV #10

By Blackwalt - Posted on 10 August 2013

With Saints Row IV releasing on August 20th we decided to commemorate its impending release with a countdown of the Top Ten Herd of Cats's stories covering previous Saints Rows. Join us for the next ten days as we take off our shoes and socks to help us count to ten. ..."now we carry the three"...

Here is our pick for HoC Saints Row story #10. The story that started it all:

So I've been thinking.... originally posted by Blackwalt on January 28, 2009.

Saint's Row 2

I know I'm not supposed to but...

I've been thinking about Saint's Row 2. It is a Grand Theft Auto knock off and we all know that GTA4 wasn't a complete favourite of HoC.

But Saint's Row 2 has developed the kind of grass roots, after release, community support and feedback that Crackdown had. The kind of feedback that made me purchase Crackdown. A purchase I will never regret. Crackdown is one of the four games I own that I has surpassed more that fifty hours of play time. A short list that includes Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Rainbow Six Vegas and Burnout Paradise. That's pretty good company.

    It seems as though everything was constantly scrutinised with the question ‘is this fun?’ in mind, and if it wasn’t, it was dropped. Luckily, it definitely helped. ... Saints Row 2 is nuts. It is not serious, it never even tries to be. A game that includes such activities as Car Surfing, Streaking, Septic Avenging and Insurance Fraud could never keep a straight face if it tried. This is a game that encourages you not to play the main story. There are enough diversions (rightly named) in the game to keep you entertained for hours, if not days. When you do get bored, the story missions provide you with some required linerarity.

Saint's Row 2 seems to have an interesting list of entertaining items and activies to pursue:

  • armed helicopters
  • flamethrowers
  • chainsaws
  • car surfing
  • gatling guns
  • streaking (that's in there for Q-Bert)
  • drive with an injured pedestrian on the hood of your car
  • dress as a pirate
  • insurance fraud
  • Wear women’s underwear(won't say who that's for)
  • Demolition Derby!
  • for a longer list

Metacritic has this to say.

So that's where I am at. It supports full two player co-op mode and 2-12 players in open world screwing around mode.

What I am now going to ask (and regret) is whether are not there are more HoC members that share my interest? And/or is there anyone that already owns it and would share their opinion?

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