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Grand Theft Auto 5: Why not?

By Blackwalt - Posted on 04 September 2013

Should HoC be buying Grand Theft Auto 5?

So there is no doubt that Herd of Cats has mixed opinions over Grand Theft Auto IV, no doubt at all.

But we did play it. Some of us quite a bit. It even generated some site content:

  • 32 stories under a search for "Grand Theft Auto"
  • 70 stories under a search for "gta"
  • 51 stories under a search for "GTA4" (oddly "gta" does not find "gta4." Go figure.)

Note: I realize there is some duplications and that some are only a reference to GTA.

We even had some Grand Theft Auto IV Sega nights. At least three that I could find.

My favourite moments from Grand Theft Auto IV were deserting Stormblade in the helicopter and finding the giant beating heart with in the statue of liberty.

I also seem to remember putting a lot of time into the single player. Mind you, it was no Saints Row but it did have a decent story.

We also need to keep in mind that this is pretty much the only way Moricerevek could get laid. I couldn't find that comment but it is in there somewhere...

I am not saying that Grand Theft Auto IV deserved the full 96% review scores that it received but it did earn some of the recognition it deserved. Despite Stormblade vehemence for GTA4 taking over HoC's feeling for the game not all clan memebers hated it.

Yes Stormblade threw it out, yes it's one of the few games I traded in, but this does not mean that Grand Theft Auto V does not deserve fair consideration by Herd of Cats.

I say yea! Grand Theft Auto V should be considered for a Herd of Cats' clan game.

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