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MegaBlocks: now in Call of Duty form

By Blackwalt - Posted on 23 November 2013

I thought I was happy about this. Until...

I was walking around Walmart when I discovered that Call of Duty is available in Megablocks form. I managed not to buy any at the time as I wasn't really wowed by any of the subject matter. That was until I saw the Dome Battleground set. That was one I was interested in.

And then a couple of weeks later Coxxorz gave out smaller sets as door prizes for his Ghosts LAN party.

I came away with a Drone Attack set and, other than one grievance, Rolly and I had a good time building it. My one grievance is the instructions. The ones included were quite good. The problem was the ones not included.

The Call of Duty sets have a really cool customizable weapons feature but our set came with a weapon assembled and a bunch of really tiny extra parts. There was no instructions on how to disassemble and swap out the little parts. In fact there was nothing to tell you the little, extra parts were specifically for the weapons. We managed to figure it out eventually and turned our pre-assembled sub-machine gun into a light machine gun to properly arm our little soldier. I can't help but imagine that instructions of some kind would have been useful. We even consulted the included parts list to confirm that the little parts were supposed to be included.

There was a better explanation of the weapon assembly on the MegaBlocks Call of Duty website. There was also a really cool figure customizer.

However, I still wasn't sold on the Call of Duty MegaBlocks until I delved further into their site and their offered products.

Where I found:

ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!! Now I know I am happy about this!

    Zombies TranZit Farm

    The shambling undead march ceaselessly about the Zombies TranZit Farm. The buildable farm is a huge structure measures 17L x 8.5W x 9H in inches and is set as the focus for the four highly detailed zombies who are out to find their next victim. The TranZit Farm includes a spinning windmill, breakaway boards, opening and closing barn doors, even buildable lava. Included are farm-based accessories to use as makeshift weapons, and action-reaction areas to fool the zombies with like the bale drop. All four zombies are extremely detailed, and are perfect for anyone’s assault against the forces of the undead.

    Zombies Horde

    The undead from the Zombies Horde shamble forward with intent on converting you to their infected masses. Infesting a small buildable terrain, each of these five zombies are made with such incredible gruesome detail that you can almost hear them march. The Zombies Horde comes with multiple accessories that can double as weapons to fight the shambling dead.


The Strange Brigade - Gentleman Explorer Character Pack is available FREE for a limited time.


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