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Bring on the Keflings!

By MauriceRevek - Posted on 26 November 2008

Tired of running amok in a first person world and shooting everything that moves?

Tired of seeing bits of brains splattered against the wall?

Tired of violence in general?

Then try this wonderful little Arcade game called Keflings.

What is this game you say? Well think of all of the RTS games you used to play, where you have to gather different resource types, summon resource gatherers and build your base, minus all of the violence.

Well, maybe not all. You can kick your Keflings if you feel that they are not performing up to your high (or low) standards.

The sole purpose of these Keflings is to run around either chopping wood, mining rock and crystals and staffing buildings such as the sawmill or wood shop. In order to build anything, you as the God of the realm, have to go to the individual production shops, order the individual components such as a workbench, bed, stove and so on, carry them from the shop to the location where you want to put the new building, then watch the building appear when the final component is dropped in its place. In order to know where each component goes, you have access to floor plans which tell you where each square component is to be placed.

Every new building type you build will unlock a new building which will eventually lead to the castle, which is the ultimate goal of the game. You can also build decorative objects like sculpted trees so that you can customize the look of your kingdom, as well as a paint shop so that you can change the color of your buildings.

Are you excited yet? Drooling with anticipation to get your hands on this game?

Well don't trip over yourself or push your way through your friends just yet. It is nice to be able to play a simple, and it is simple, game that just oozes of niceness. What do I mean by that? Well, in order to get more Keflings to help you with the resource gathering, you have to build a house. Each house you build will give you 2 Kefligns. Well great! you say. I can just build a hundred houses, set all the Kefligns to gather all the resources, then come back and go on a mad building spree and complete the game in 20 minutes.

Not so! After you build the house, you have to activate it. To activate it, you have to fill the house with love... Yes, you read it right. You have to fill the house with love. And what is this love you speak of? 'Where is this love' (10 points if you can name the band) that I speak of? It comes in the form of giant red hearts. To get these hearts, you complete simple quests (gather 50 resources of a certain kind and bring to a building) or completely mine a resource in a small region. When you drop the heart in a new house, a boy and girl Kefling appear and wave at you to let you know they have nothing better to do than follow you around and wave hello.

Another hindrance to the concept of just letting the Keflings gather every resource in sight and go on a mad building spree, is that the Keflings will stop gathering and start slapping their knees in some form of Kefling dance if you as the god have been idle for too long.

Overall, I would still say that the game is entertaining, and can be played with kids of all ages without fear of them waking up screaming in the middle of the night. Although the younger ones will need help from an adult.

It does have a multiplayer component, which I have not tried, but I think you just share the tasks of building the city / castle.

I give it a 3 out of 5 paws for what it is. If a simple RTS kind of game with no combat and competition is not your style, then you will probably not enjoy it.

For 800 points, it is worth the few hours of time passing it will give you.

fungster88's picture

My first comment on HoC. Usually, I only read HoC stuff for entertainement value.

I think I meet most of the regualr here in person and play online with most at least once. Yep, the guy don't say much.

Back to the topic, I tried this game because it is one of those arcade games you can use your avatar in the game (and able see it!) By the way, UNO or Heart don't count, because only your avatar pic is showing.
It is just a different game than GoW2 or COD5.

Will I pay 800 points for it? most likely not. But nothing wrong to download it and try it.

MauriceRevek's picture

Your right, I forgot to mention that you play the game with your new avatar walking around as a kindly giant who occasionally plays kick ball with the Keflings.

Stormblade's picture

If I get to kick the Keflings' balls.

Coxxorz's picture

I'm gonna download it, just to see if I can kick them in the Love Shack.

Blackwalt's picture

Original content.

You may have heard of it but very few of you actually post any.

MoriceRevek (AT MY REQUEST) posted an original review for an original product and you slagged him for it.

If you check here you will see its not the first time Kingdom of Keflings made the site.

Perhaps you should concentration more on producing original content of your own and stop slagging those who do.

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this instead of dragging myself out of my sick bed but I just couldn't take it any more.

Thank you Revek. I asked you if I should buy Kingdom of Keflings and you responded. The rest of them are morons. Not that this is a surprise...

Stormblade's picture

At no point did I slag Revek for writing the review.

I slagged Revek because it's fun and he would return the favour if the roles were reversed.

Also, with 73 reads already and a dozen posts, I think you could consider this an unqualified success, by your own standards.

Go back to bed, sicko.

Noir's picture

Is there any point during the playing of this game, Keflings, where your Keflings are attacked by other Keflings which are ... undead? The sole purpose of these "undead" Keflings is to feed off the brains of your Keflings.

If so! Do the Keflings that you have giving ... it pains me saying this ... more love to ... have juicier brain meats to devour?

PS: I agree with everyone else here (including Stormblade) .... Wow, why would you post this here?

Stormblade's picture

to have Revek's clan status revoked.

This is truly sad ...

It is time that we all get back to some real blood-soaked mayhem before this infects us all.

MauriceRevek's picture

You have played the game too. I saw it on your status.

Stormblade's picture

But I have never played the game.

Although it is possible that I briefly thought about it, but I then promptly put in my copy of COD: World at War, and killed things.


A Troll's picture

Why not just go to Yahoo and play their game for free?

 Besides,  why play this? You can do all this in real life.

Akuf's picture


oh yeah and you're gay for:
a) even thinking about posting this
b) actually posting this
c) actually playing that game

MauriceRevek's picture

a) I was asked
b) your gay for actually reading it
c) I play all arcade games. Have it set for auto download.
d) and the fact that you can compare it to another game is also an indication that you are gay, as you would have had to play the other game (populus) in order to draw said comparisson.

Time for you to come out of the closet.

Akuf's picture

Holy crap!
You must be rich

Well I am definitely Metrosexual so I'm borderline I guess...

Ok I left myself open on purpose...have fun!

MauriceRevek's picture

That every arcade game has a trial edition, don't you?

Akuf's picture


Quote: "I play all arcade games. Have it set for auto download."

This highly implies that you get the arcade games (full versions).

What you should have said is: "I play all arcade games. Have it set for auto download the demo versions."

And yes I do they have demo versions, I just don't care

MauriceRevek's picture

So you actually think that I gave MS Carte Blanche to bill me as much money as they want? You actually think that they can take that kind of authority? Since we are talking about purchases, I have an investment opportunity for you, for a holiday resort on the moon. It only costs $100,000 to be a founding member. I do need the cheque written out to Mr Liquid Cash if you don't mind. That is the corporation name, so don't worry about the fishy name. For an additional $250,000, you can be a partner in the chinese Rocket Ship project SowLungSooquer.

Coxxorz's picture

MS will gladly auto-renew your Live subscription and charge you their going rate if you let them. So negative-option billing is not a foreign concept to them. And I'm sure the auto-download of demos is just a prelude to get you used to the idea of downloading their more profitable items... say, TV shows?


Walmart is offering E3 pre-order deals. Of primary interest to Herd of Cats is Black Ops 4 available for $50. We may be against pre-ordering here at HoC but that is $30 off.


Great, your heart graph is giving me a heart attack. Thanks.


Good to know that someone cares

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