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HoC Random Care Package of the Day – 01212014

By Blackwalt - Posted on 21 January 2014

Hello? God's Country? We have a package for you

So. Funny Story.

Shortly after we published the article about Team HoC Ghosts and the polar fleece Ghost masks included a conversation ensued. A conversation involving SeanMCR and how the mask might actually be useful where he lived.

Fair point.

    Blackwalt: "Send me your Snail Mail address and I will ship one off to you."

    SeanMCR: "I'll fire it off to you first thing in the morning."

Which is when I stopped thinking about it. Particularly since the promised email never arrived.

Or so I thought.

Turns out SeanMCR was just trying to be clever and ended up outsmarting both of us. He sent from a different email that he usually uses and while I would like to accuse this (and him) of being the problem. I can not tell a lie. Well... sure I can, particularly to you guys, but this time I choose not to.

SeanMCR shipped it to the Half-pint address posted on our website – halfpint(at) – which, fairly enough, should have worked.

It turns out I don't check that email address often (it comes into my email and is sorted into a sub-folder) as I really don't care about Search Engine Optimization, shady online advertising, people complaining about links from 4 years ago (sent this month) and other assorted spam. But I do check it. Occasionally, rarely, once in a while.

Lo and behold an email from SeanMCR was buried 24 down, complete with his Snail Mail address. I guess it wasn't him that was the problem. I should get on that. Someday. Maybe.

That day has come and SeanMCR your package is in the mail. Honest, really, not "in the mail" "in the mail" but really in the mail. You should see it some day. 7-10 days in fact.

I am keenly aware that I could have saved myself some money if I had just handed it to him when he was in town last month. Since I am already not coming out as the smartest person in this story I am just going to let that go...

SeanmcR6's picture

I guess that's what I get for not coming on the site for over a week...I had no idea.

Mailbox today, what is this? Didn't even see the HoC logo as there were 4 packages in the box.

BTW, most secure wrapping job I've ever tried to open. Almost stabbed a screwdriver in my hand 3 times opening it!

 photo presents_zps816f366c.jpg

Am I wearing this right?

I have no idea what I did to deserve this lovely present, honestly, but a most sincere THANK YOU! (I guess I have to install batman off steam again and try the game with the controller...for parity)

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No you are not.

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