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Get it while it's hot

By Dark Nightowl - Posted on 08 April 2008

Good dealGood deal

I Am Legend starring Will Smith is finally out on HD DVD.
It's actually a combo disk and it can be picked up for $24.99 at Future Shop... today.

If it's a launch day sale price it will likely jump back up to $32.99 tomorrow and stay at that price until they start discounting it down the road. They'll want to clear out this format sometime in the near future.

Until then... a good deal.

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If you prefer something with a bit more depth and a LOT less CG and Will Smith, check out the late Charleton Heston in The Omega Man on HD-DVD (inferior DVD version here), which Legend is a ripoff of. Or better yet, check out Vincent Price in the original The Last Man on Earth, which is still the closest to the book, and both other movies are ripoffs of.

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If you're looking for more HD-DVD bargains, Blockbuster Video is clearing out their previously-viewed stock for $9.99 (or 3 for $24.99). Check your discs for scratches first, though.

There are bargains to be had on new discs at Best Buy, Wal Mart and Future Shop, but those have been mostly cleaned out by now. Expect more deals in the coming weeks as other studios follow Universal's suit and drop prices.

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Coxxorz caught MoriceRevek disease with the typos.

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The more movies you buy, the more per copy you pay? If I buy 2 movies at $9.99 each, I should be paying $19.98, not $25!! That is a very bold marketing strategy Blockbuster is employing. The more items you buy, the more we will charge you per item. What would be the per item cost if I were to buy 10 movies? $25?

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Blackwalt is correct. My first post went to my blog. I noticed it didn't appear on the main page and thus created the story to get the news out. Guess I missed the FAQ.

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Someone needs to adnimister this site. Damn double posts. Ban, BAN!

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One is a blog entry and one is a story.

DarkNightOwl wanted to make sure you saw the I am Legend deal.

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... or I'm seeing double.

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Backward photos? WTF?

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Local images are mirrored. Remote images are not. I first noticed this in iChat.

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