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So it's someone else's turn to take one for the team

By Blackwalt - Posted on 25 March 2014

It could be you!

So previously I have been the one to test a dubious game for the clan (here and here). Now it is some else's turn. Not that I don't want to buy TitanFall but I am in the situation where I am spending as little as possible on games. So, on to someone else. Someone like, I don't know, you.

I am not calling TitanFall a dubious game. It is reviewing well and to all extents looks to be fun and something we would enjoy. But so far it is only on the PC and Xbox One. No one really knows what to expect from the Xbox 360 version.

This is where you come in. Herd of Cats needs a clan member to test out the Xbox 360 version and help decide whether we would enjoy the game as a clan. The pressure of your decision will be unbelievable. I know. I have lived it.

Today is the second announced release date for the Xbox 360 Titanfall and it has been delayed until April 8th. That gives you two weeks to volunteer and to arrange for a copy. It is listed at $59.99. Maybe Coxxorz can find you a better deal.

Keep in mind that there are two (main) possible reasons for the additional delay. One good, one not so good:

  1. The Xbox 360 version is so close to the Xbox One version that there is no reason to upgrade to an Xbox One for this game. Microsoft is trying to extend the window where consumers are buying a new console to play Titanfall. Not sure about this reason but it is the major one that I keep seeing discussed.
  2. It's a complete fail and they are hoping to sell as many versions of the Xbox One and PC versions before the travesty of the Xbox 360 version hits. Miscrosoft is hoping the additional two weeks will help them cover up the worst of the bugs. After all the additional last minute delay method worked so well for Aliens Colonial Marines and Duke Nukem Forever.

Anyway, volunteer to "Take one for the team" in the comments. Be sure to volunteer quickly to avoid the rush. I wouldn't want any of you to get trampled under the Herd. Of Cats.

SeanmcR6's picture

tell you what....I got this.

I'm going to pick up the PC version tonight.

RANT or RAVE later this evening or tomorrow.

Blackwalt's picture

...but this post is entirely about testing the Xbox 360 version to see if it compares to the Xbox One and/or PC version.

Still your experience will give us a baseline to test against.

SeanmcR6's picture

Obviously it wouldn't match the PC version. None of them ever do. You can't compete with the hardware of a PC game.

I've heard enough good things to make me want to play this game, but I wouldn't buy a console just for ANY game.

Worst case scenario, it plays like other 360 games on 360. I highly doubt it's going to be much worst than other 360 games.

Besides, nothing shown to date is mind blowingly better on any of the new consoles anyway. The hardware is only marginally improved.

So, in the end, if Titanfall is worth the purchase, it's worth the purchase for what ever platform you have.

Blackwalt's picture

The coverage of the 360 version and the multiple delays show that something is going on. Most of the games we have been dealing with across platforms have been written for Xbox 360/PS3 and ported up for the Xbox One/PS4.

Titanfall was written for the Xbox One/PC and ported down for the 360. It quite clearly was written to take advantage of features that the 360 does not have (the Cloud). Worse the 360 version was done by a different developer.

If you have a PC that can play it (or an Xbox One) that is where you should be playing it.

BUT, I am interested in the 360 version. I will not touch it until I read reviews specifically about the 360 version. Preferably by an HoC member.

I do want to hear about your experience with Titanfall but the point of this story (request) was to have someone try out the 360 version specifically. Not to read another review of Titanfall on the PC or Xbox One.

Keep in mind I have no problem with you buying two copies for comparison purposes.

SeanmcR6's picture

I get it...I just jumped too quickly.

I have a MASSIVE review coming up....short answer, don't buy it.

As for buying a 360 version, if one thing the PC version lacks is included in 360 version, I might. However, I doubt it.

Coxxorz's picture

Sean should buy both versions so he can give an unbiased comparison.

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