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Random Sunday Payback of the Week

By Coxxorz - Posted on 30 June 2014

So some of you may remember the exploits of the clan over the last few weeks, while trying to cooperatively get the achievements for finishing the various Call of Duty "Extinction" mode maps. Or rather trying to get the achievements for some of us. The clan was apparently a little unclear on the whole "cooperation" part.

Well you can imagine my attentiveness when seanmcr asked if I had heard of the extinction-related "eggs" challenges.

Yes, Sean and I found ourselves alone online after the failure of certain other individuals to appear for some traditional Sunday Night Gaming. Some lame excuses about having friends/family visiting from out of town. Whatever, that's what motels are for.

Anyways, there are apparently Extinction-style alien "hives" hidden in the various DLC maps. According to Sean: "Finding and shooting all four hives from a given DLC package earns you a hefty XP bonus."

I was now only mildly interested, having decided last November that ranking up and "prestige-ing" was not a priority for me this time around.

"And then you can go back into Extinction mode and earn an achievement."

At which point my controller may have hit the floor due to excessively evil hand-rubbing.

"Tell me more!", I exclaimed.

So Sean obligingly showed me the location of a hidden hive on the next map we played. And since we happened to be playing the Invasion playlist, every other secret hive location for the entire third DLC package as well.

"And now you just have to defeat one hive in Extinction".

So in an effort to research his theory - for the good of the clan - off we went to play, Extinction Episode 3: Awakening.

And it was true! 20G Achievement. Who knew.

"Are there hidden hives and achievements Blackwalt doesn't have in ALL the DLC maps?" I asked innocently.

"Let's find out!" came the inevitable reply.

So off we went, with the help of YouTube and a steady supply of snacks, to locate and shoot hives in other DLC maps. And eventually Sean came to notice that he had collected enough from the Onslaught episode to try for the achievement. Unfortunately he had located a hive prior to my joining him, so I was still short one. It took some pleading, but I eventually convinced him to stay and help me get the last one. Which was surprisingly difficult, as no DLC-specific playlist for Onslaught maps existed anymore. And not too many people are up playing CoD at this hour.

But after what seemed like an eternity of bouncing from one game type to another, backing out of one lobby after another in search of that one elusive map... we finally got into a round of Cranked on Ignition.

Then a quick detour into Extinction again, and voila! Achievement.

At this point I thanked Sean for his hard work and contribution to the clan, and we parted ways. Those Alberta boys need their beauty rest, you know.

Not being particularly tired myself, I decided to go back into multiplayer to see what else was new, and noticed that the Drop Zone game type was back in the rotation. Feeling a bit nostalgic, I jumped in... and got the map Unearthed on my first try.

Did I mention that was where the last hive I needed was hidden?


Now is it Karma that gave me that map?

Or that the third achievement is call "Egg-stra Devastation"?

I like to think so.


SeanmcR6's picture

and you forgot to mention the first time we jumped into Extinction, we died almost immediately! Damn Gargoyles

Coxxorz's picture

I thought we agreed never to speak of that.

SeanmcR6's picture

I can't believe you finished the last one without me!!!

After all the help I gave you. Oh, the travesty...the betrayal...the...

Who am I kidding, I would have done the same

Coxxorz's picture

Also, despite saying you were going to bed, you spent quite a while in Netflix.

Or is that your girlfriend's name?

SeanmcR6's picture

ssshhhhhh, just let it happen

Coxxorz's picture


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