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By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 26 August 2014

Free shipping, nice graphics and big hard drive.

I'm contemplating the move for COD this round. I know Graybush already has a One...any chance Blackwalt? Should we start a bottle drive or car wash to raise funds?

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It says only in the US but some times that includes Canada

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But you really want to spend $500 extra to play a game that will be available on all consoles?

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It's not an "extra" $500 to play a game, it's moving to a new platform. It's not a snap decision either...

1. We play each COD game for several months. Almost a year. Right now, there is almost no one left on the Ghosts servers. Matchmaking takes forever and let's face it, the results aren't enjoyable. Now imagine after this xmas season, how many more kids will be moving over to xbox one?! The 360 servers will be a ghost town! (pun intended) And yes, since my lag is dependant on router jumps, more players available means more chances for closer players and better performance for me. Sure, that's a stretch, but it IS possible.

2. It is a good price for the console, with the big hd and the day zero special edition of the game, but sure, can always buy the $349 version and just get the regular game separately.

3. If not now, when? we all said we weren't in any rush to move up at the start of the year. We'll investigate at xmas when the specials are on.

I'm merely testing the waters. If there is a possibility you guys might jump if a sweet, sweet deal comes up, then I know I can safely purchase without worrying that you guys buy PS4's in Feb instead.

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...that mostly benefit you.

Just kidding. I am always monitoring the deals on the interwebs, so if something sweet pops up, Uncle Coxxorz will take care of you. Sorry if that sounds creepy.

Where did you see the CoD edition for $500?

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Let us know when to buy ...

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First question: Do we actually care about getting the console for "Day Zero"? Because 24 hours after that, this thing is going to drop in value substantially.

I suppose the other option would be to get it early, but sell the digital download + early access on eBay, and use the profits to buy an actual disc version. That's assuming you're okay with giving the squeakers another advantage to use against you.

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I have no particular attachment to this version of the Xbox One over any other. I was thinking more like it's close to the time we need to make the switch, and I would be prepared to do so if we find a deal we like. This version is pretty, but since I bury my console under my desk, I am not focused on pretty.

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I too speak General Terms.

I think seanmcr's point was that if we were all in agreement on the platform, that this particular model represented the best value, currently. We all know what living in Fort McMoney does to your spending habits...

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Some of us already have PS4s

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how do you find it?

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The interface has been greatly improved (IMO) from the PS3.
Also, I find that it is quieter than the PS3 or the 360
I have only played AC4, Wolfenstein and Destiny Beta thus far.

Two complaints:

1) There is no way to use my Harmony remote (yet), though I can use my the psn app with phone, tablet or just use the controller.
2) No DLNA support. Though it is coming.

I haven't tried any streaming service yet as I use a laptop for all that kind of thing.

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Seriously, despite my total aversion toward Sony products in general, the PS4 would be my choice if all things were equal. Like Graybush, I have more than myself to think of and I also know I still want to play on my 360. That means having separate online accounts for each platform. Also, it means having the same thing for my son. Making the switch just isn't practical.

While I have accepted I will eventually have to move to the XBox One, now is not the time. Maybe when the new Assassin's Creed comes out ...

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