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Destiny: buy digital last-gen, get next-gen Free

By Blackwalt - Posted on 06 September 2014

Something for SeanMCR to think about

This only applies if you buy the downloadable version. Might be worth it if you are planning on getting Destiny and (eventually) an Xbox One. Pretty classy of Bungie to have the offer cover Christmas.

From the Destiny Website where you can also find more information on the deal.

    When you buy/redeem the Destiny Digital Base Game or Expansion Pass for Xbox 360 on or before January 15th, 2015, you can download the Xbox One copy from the Xbox Store for free by doing the following:
  • Log into your Xbox One using the same Microsoft Account (Xbox Live Account) used to
  • Navigate to the digital content’s location in the Xbox Store.
  • Add the item to your download queue and wait for the download to complete.
    Expansion Pass content (which includes Expansions I and II) will only be available for full download once released.

Sounds like a good deal but I suspect that the Xbox 360 digital version will take up a significant amount of digital space. Over 10 GB sounds like a low estimate to me. Assuming a two DVD game for the Xbox 360 box version the digital footprint could be as high as 16GB. My biggest install (for a boxed game) was over 22 GB for Max Payne 3 - three DVDs for both single player and multi-player.

Via N4G.

SeanmcR6's picture

I cannot seem to pre-order a digital copy for the 360 to save my life.

XboxOne, yep, PS4/PS3, yep...360, nope!

So if you find the magical method to actually preorder the digital version, please let me know...

Stormblade's picture

Since, if you purchase the Xbox One version you are entitled to the XBox 360 version at no extra cost, the solution (I think) is to pre-order the XBox One version and you will be able to download the 360 version tomorrow. At least, that's what I gather reading the FAQs. I will just wait until tomorrow IF I am doing this at all. Not too worried about the pre-order freebies. Reviews say they're not hard to get when you play the game.

P.S. I really hate Blackwalt.

Blackwalt's picture

Destiny site says buying old school entitles you to new school.

They say nothing of the other way around. I hope it would work that way but there is no guarantee.

I also could find no way to pre-order digital on Xbox 360. Although I didn't panic as I am not fully on board yet. The only one of you I follow religiously in their purchases is Stormblade. And really I am just stalking him, I don't actually buy any of the games.

P.S. - I really love Stormblade.

Blackwalt's picture

From IBT (

"However, Xbox 360 players will not have a similar option, as they can only purchase "Destiny" digitally come Sept. 9."

This is all related to Xbox One and PSN offering a preloading feature. You can download the game before release and it will unlock when officially available.

I guess they could not figure out how to program this feature on Xbox 360.

P.S. - I still really love Stormblade.

Stormblade's picture

>> Q. When I download the free Destiny Digital Base Game for Xbox One, will I still be able to play it on Xbox 360?

>> Yes. Your Microsoft Account (Xbox Live Account) will retain licenses for both consoles.


Stormblade's picture

I realize it is implying that you originally bought it on the 360. I stand corrected.

And you're still a moron.

Blackwalt's picture

As I post stuff and retract it within five minutes all the time.

Stormblade's picture

I didn't delete it and pretend I hadn't said it in the first place ...

Blackwalt's picture

That was funny! Because everyone knew I had done it and it infuriated you!

Thanks for the memory!

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