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Exo Boring

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 28 January 2015

I wish I had time to do some screen caps and write up a review...but here's my thoughts on Exo Zombies posted as a comment on Kotaku's write up

Boring. That's how I describe Exo Zombies.

My clan and I have been huge fans of the previous Zombie content in COD games. Some of the clan only play zombies. We all agree the one key addition to the game that makes it so enjoyable to play, over and over and over, is the side mission(s). There is a goal or achievement. Something to do other than "just survive". Otherwise it's no different than survival/horde mode. Some people like that I suppose, but I find it boring. I only played exo survival mode to get to the zombie map. Once I had reached that achievement, I didn't feel the need to play it anymore and I haven't since.

The gameplay takes place on a very small map, with maybe 5 doors to open. There are exo abilities that mirror power up colas from previous zombie games and a pack-a-punch machine that's immediately available and can upgrade your weapon 20 times. Which you need because you constantly run out of ammo. And yes, there are power ups like Ammo reload, nuke and 2XP type stuff, but they seem to be infrequent compared to games of old.

The secondary issue (after the lack of goal/challenge) is the stepped nature of progression. The first few rounds are slow and very easy. Then some average rounds. Then dead stop impossibility. I have yet to hear from anyone making it past round 13. We made it to round 12. Obviously, with more time invested we could last longer. Our strategy would improve. However, no one in my clan is too bothered to keep playing. In the end, that's the game's real downfall. After the newest has faded, it's not fun to play.

My clan played about a dozen matches. Everyone was disappointed by the lack of a mission/goal. Proved by the fact they all agreed they needed to go to bed at midnight. When other Zombie/Extinction DLC were released, they all stayed up until 2am+. Usually until their wives told them to get offline! lol.

So it's back to Extinction I suppose. Earning and saving up teeth for ridiculous perks. Hey, at least it's a goal to challenge you.

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of course...30 seconds after I wrote this...I watch a video of someone playing and they found a build item on the map...meaning there IS something to construct/do. We just didn't find it. :\ hahaha

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and now I know what to do, it's not impressive or complicated. Still disappointed.

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and now I know what to do, it's not impressive or complicated. Still disappointed.

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