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An additional Option for adding storage to an Xbox One

By Blackwalt - Posted on 31 January 2015

Collective Minds Xbox One Media Hub

We had a previous article about Adding External Storage to an Xbox One. It was well received and well commented. I recently found another more streamlined solution and wanted to share that option with you as well. I have picked one up purely in the interest of testing.

The Xbox One Media Hub adds three USB ports to the front of your Xbox One and includes a storage bay for a 2.5in Hard Drive. It snaps seamlessly onto the left side of an Xbox One connecting through the side mounted USB port.

Pictures of my before and after connection are available after the break.

The first picture of this device I found (by accident) was on the EBGames website. Looking at it carefully I could not see what was being sold. Doing more research I discovered that the Media Hub snapped on the side of the Xbox One adding an inch of width. Since the Media Hub is designed to match the Xbox One finish it is hard to tell it is there.

The Collective Minds Xbox One Media Hub is available at EBgames, Best Buy, and Future Shop for $39.99. Hard drives are not included. Strangely enough, it is available only in Canada. Interested USA buyers have had to get Canadian friends to buy it and ship it to them. I found this interesting.


I was concerned about clearance in the box/cabinet I had built to contain my Xbox One but measurements gave me a full half inch to work with after installation.


Okay, so it is tight but there is still room. Most venting is done through the top and right side so I edged it for more space on that side. Still no Hard Drive added as I am looking for a good price on a 2.5in drive. I am hoping for a 1TB drive but I would settle for a 2TB one if I had to.

An additional feature of the Collective Minds Xbox One Media Hub is three front mounted USB ports. Collective Minds states it as the primary feature but I disagree. However, despite initially not realizing the importance of a front USB port I ended up finding the side USB port a major hassle when I needed to update the firmware on my controller.

When looking for a USB port on my Xbox One I admit to surprise when I discovered there wasn't one on the front of the console. With my Xbox One being in a cabinet I ended up having to pull my console out of the cabinet three to four inches leaving it dangling there while I had a USB cable plugged in. My next firmware update should be easier. You need to update your controllers' firmware to use a Microsoft Headset Adapter.

My initial thoughts about the Collective Minds Xbox One Media Hub are positive. It snaps onto the Xbox One easily and solidly. There is a small seam between the console and the Media Hub., It seems to be a bigger seam at the front than at the back so it may be the way this one is built or I don't quite have it connected properly but it is not enough of a seam to bother me.

Other notes:

    The Media Hub has a green LED to show that it is working. This may bother some users as there are no bright lights on the Xbox One to start with. I figure if it starts to bother me I can fix it with a piece of black duct tape.

    Mounting hardware for a 2.5in drive was included in the box.

    The Hub has a power in port at the back but it is not used at this time. Collective Minds states that it is to future proof the product.

    A PDF of the manual is available on the Collective Minds site.

A positive result so far. I will update this article or post a new one once I find, borrow, or steal a decent sized 2.5in hard drive to try in the Media Hub's HDD enclosure.

Coxxorz's picture

But what's with the HDMI warning sticker?

Blackwalt's picture

I peeled it off before the story appeared! No idea why as it was one of the better designed parts of the Xbox One interface.

I also ended up covering up the green LED with a piece of black electrical tape. Found it before I found the black duct tape.

Coxxorz's picture

If anything, it should say "WARNING: May contain user interface designed by Microsoft."

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