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HoC experiences Dying Light: Demo now available

By Blackwalt - Posted on 26 August 2015

11.47GB now available on the Xbox Store

The same Xbox Store which has the Dying Light Demo release date listed as 2015-08-27. It's the 26th today isn't it? Whatever. It still let me buy it.

    Download the demo and get a taste of hair-rising zombie action in Dying Light. Master your parkour skills and enjoy unprecedented freedom of movement. Explore a true open world where you can go anywhere and climb anything. Experience game-changing day & night system and take on hair-rising quests in 4-player co-operation. Good Night, Good Luck.

Any guesses what we are playing for Sega Nite? Which is tonight by the way.

UPDATE: Stormblade also posted the demo link at approximately the same time.

Stormblade's picture

I realized my biggest problem with this game is that it is NOT a zombie hunting game or a 'kill all the zombies before moving on' game. It seems to be more Far Cry 4 meets The Walking Dead. You need to do a bunch of different things in an open world that just happens to be infested with zombies rather than tigers, leopards, bears and honey badgers. Now, there are quite a few zombies and they have different attributes, but once I got past the fact that I could just leave them alone or avoid them, I started getting things done.

This looks like it could be fun cooperatively. Yeah so, I bought it. Sigh.

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First of all, the demo doesn't do multiplayer. I guess it's not a surprise, but unfortunate nonetheless.

Secondly, the 'Tutorial' shows you how to look around, walk, run, jump and attack. Sort of. The controls are different from anything I've ever played and hard to figure out. Taking into account that a horde of zombies is on you the minute you leave the compound to do anything, this makes trying to figure out what the controls do even harder. I've tried twice and was dead in minutes both times. Also, you're given some stuff to start out with and there's a guy who trades stuff, but there is no explanation as to what anything does or how to use it. For the record, a baseball bat is not very effective against a horde of zombies and I couldn't figure out how to change weapons.

Anyway, I don't have time at the moment to give it another go, but I was not initially impressed. It looks more like the type of game a Fallout fan would like, so Sean might appreciate it more than I have so far.

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It is supposed to support multiplayer BUT the full game does not allow multi-player until you have finished the first day. I expect the demo is the same.

Demo didn't install for me from the website. Trying again from the Xbox.

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Going to see Man from UNCLE tonight with CelloLady. She has a thing for Henry Cavill and I am apparently being dragged along. Maybe tomorrow.

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I hear it super sucked.

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Both CelloLady and I loved the movie. Very Guy Ritchie, so you have to like his style. We found it had an excellent mix of action, humour and suspense. Saw Mission Impossible the week before and while we enjoyed that as well, this was better.

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Stormblade won't be attending Sega Nite!

Stop the presses!

Alert the media!

Curtail the sarcasm!

Whoops, too late for that last one.

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At least I downloaded the demo. And given the choice between my wife and you, it really is a no-brainer.

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I thought Blackwalt was the no-brainer...

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Which means ... Blackwalt is a zombie! I knew it! Oh, Graybush ...

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