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A classic...

By Q-Bert - Posted on 12 May 2008

Well worth the 3 minutes:

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Found this on Fark and thought it was appropriate ...

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"I would never rick-roll you. Also, I would never give you up, let you down, never ever run around, or turn around and hurt you."

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I love it.

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....Qbert I see you in a whole different light now. I would expect Revek to post something like this. But you?!?!

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that Revek actually Rickroll'd me with this same video a few weeks ago. It is an awesome video though.

Pebbles's picture

I'd be curious to know how many times you've been Rickroll'd. You've been had quite a bit.

Noir's picture

exactly 3 times. Reveks was by far the best.

Oh, and believe me when I say there are FAR worse things out there then being Rickroll'd.

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Aku 2G1C'ed me. I almost vomited on my screen.

Akuf's picture should watch the sequel
I won't post it here but do a search for 4 girls finger paint.

Then there was the something olympics I dont remember. But it was basically a video of some guy hacking off his member. I hope that wasn't you Revek.

Akuf's picture

...I shutter to think what "Rickroll'd" means

MauriceRevek's picture

I tricked him into clicking the link and make him watch another version of the Rick Astley video. When you get Rick Rolled, you have to sit through the entire video. that is the punishment for falling for a Rick Roll. Like I did to you a few months back. Whenever you are in a situation and you here the first few beats of the song start, you have been Rick Rolled. I got Rick Rolled again in the Bahamas at Rum Runners. They played it there.

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...the whale porn you sent yesterday?

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you shuddered. I can't quite grasp how you would shutter, but it sounds painful.

Akuf's picture

...explain to you how to shutter but I think you couldn't handle it.

But I will admit defeat and error at wrong use of the word.

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Beeker gets exposed to some pretty awful stuff, but making him sing Rick Astley is just wrong!

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