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Please support Activision...

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 13 November 2015

Please help support independent developers! They need your help and understanding as they struggle to keep up with the relentless and savage demands of the gaming community. Take the challenge system in their new Black Ops 3 game. While it is the third iteration of said challenge system, we cannot expect it to be error free. That would be selfish.

For example, having completed the campaign in Hardened, I noticed there was only one more challenge I needed to get 100% completion in the Mission Master challenge. This dangles a wicked cool animated Calling Card to taunt my friends and anyone foolish enough to play against me in MP. Oh how I wanted that carrot. What did I need to achieve this level of smugness? Complete any mission on Hardcore or above, without dying.

2 hours later (and 4 attempts)


Bing! SWEET Now for my soul confirming prize!

but wait...

Now you might get upset in this situation. I mean, without achievements, playing a game for hours and hours seems like a waste of human life. Something that makes you question why you're still living in someone else's basement instead of dating that super model and running the world. Without some form of Pavlovian reward, all this salivating is for nothing.


Activision is a small game developer, worth only a paltry $18.9 Billion. They only have 6,690 employees to make all their games. A total of 5 main titles in 2015! That's a LOT of work for such a small company.

So before you go off on Activision for the poor state of their games, remember how poor they are, and remember YOU bought that game. You gave them your money when they've had these problems for years and years. If everyone just gives them money for nothing, how would they ever know to change?

SeanmcR6's picture

There was a beta for the campaign? Nope

Coxxorz's picture

You did have 2 days to find and report all these bugs during the beta.

Stormblade's picture

Writing this article. Witty even.

Now, I would have like to have had a camera pointed at him at the moment he realized it didn't work. Priceless.

SeanmcR6's picture

I was calm. History has taught me to doubt.

Even better today...when I realized the cryotokey system has stopped working....yet COD report all systems are good.

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