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Oh boy, oh boy, OH BOY!!!!

By Stormblade - Posted on 16 November 2015

My wife thought she was a video game widow when AC Syndicate came out. That only took a week of my time.

Tomorrow she'll find out what being a video game widow really is. Or, as Yoda would say, 'A video game widow she now is'.

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Sell you an incomplete thing for $80 and milk you for more later with Dlc etc

Sadly, lots of morons still buy into this crap

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Not sure I get your point. I have been playing this quite a lot and it is awesome and feature rich. I don't feel like it is incomplete. It seems solid and it is extremely entertaining.

I have no love for EA, but DICE has always made good stuff and this is a solid release in my opinion.

It's like playing Battlefield (a la DICE) in the Star Wars universe. And it's freaking amazing!

Yes, there will be more content coming in DLCs, but that's the norm now. I've spent money on DLCs that I have regretted (Far Cry 4, Destiny, etc). I doubt I'll regret it with this one.

I used to have a real hate-on for EA, but at this point I don't find them any worse than Ubisoft or Activision or any of the other 'A' title production houses. They are what they are and unless we all stop playing the games, this is what we get.

And, frankly, this game is too good to stop playing.

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Never said it was a bad game.
In fact I had great fun playing it.

I just don't think it is worth $80.
I played it at a buddy's place.

- No Campaign
- Only four planets?

Will I buy, Most likely yes but when it is around $40.

And I agree FC4 (didn't buy it) isn't worth it either
Destiny isn't worth it either but I bought for $30 instead of $80.

I don't like games that become like a job which is why I never bought into the Call of Dummies crap. Destiny, I played it until it became like a jobt and I wasn't happy about it. For the most part playing games is a stress relief for me and I play them relax it is my version of watching TV. If a game requires me to play every night to "keep up" I have much better things to do.

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Got a chance to play a little this morning. My initial thoughts are simple.



Please stop talking.


Some lines may have been crossed.

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