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By Blackwalt - Posted on 20 November 2015

This is the game that should be MADE for HoC

Star Trek Battlefront! Make this and I am in!

Okay, so this may seem like a rebuttal to Stormblade's article, Who are you people?, but it really isn't. It's not. Really. It's just supposed to be funny and it is.

My first thought when Stormblade asked why he was the only one playing Star Wars Battlefront was of this Artemis comic from two years ago. Stormblade in an X-Wing pilot's uniform standing in the middle of the Enterprise bridge. It brought to mind Stormblade in the Star Wars Universe while the rest of us were in the Star Trek Universe.

Then came my second thought...

I need to make a Star Trek Battlefront cover! So I did. It's original and it's pretty funny so I posted it. Here. As a non-rebuttal.

Sadly I don't expect that a real Star Trek Battlefront will ever be made. Which is too bad when you think about it. Here at Herd of Cats we dare to dream!

The Star Trek Battlefront is obviously based on the Star Wars Battlefront cover. I used a font called Roddenberry for the Star Trek logo, replaced the EA logos with HoC logos, and used Star Trek Into Darkness images for the background.

    The crashing Enterprise is a piece of Star Trek Into Darkness concept art:

    And Kahn (Benedict Cumberbatch) is cropped from one of the Star Trek Into Darkness movie posters:

Stavr0's picture

That's the Vengeance, not the Enterprise.

MauriceRevek's picture

Where everybody is a Red Shirt.

Stormblade's picture

Just you.

MauriceRevek's picture

Where everybody is a red shirt.

Except for the ONE. People fear him. Women want him. Men want to be him. He is.

The man in pink.

Fear the pink.

Stormblade's picture

Fear the pink.

I need to get a t-shirt with that.

Akuf's picture

Revek fears a different kind of pink

Stormblade's picture

Very impressive. You should do this for a living. Wait ...

Anyway. Artemis is as good a Star Trek-ish game as there is. I don't see the run and gun style fitting nearly as well in the Star Trek universe.

I also don't think I am the biggest Star Wars fan of the group. I actually tend to prefer Star Trek. Especially after the prequels. (shudder)

Battlefront is just a great game.


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