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Zombies. The Giant. Two players. Round 38

By Blackwalt - Posted on 05 December 2015

A new HoC high for the Giant. With two players.

Now I am not stressing the two player because I feel that SeanMCR is holding us back in Zombie Mode. No, I stress the two player because it tones down the number of zombies in each round. Even into the late thirties we were misjudging the length of the rounds.

In fact, I would go so far as to say either Graybush or I could carry SeanMCR into the late thirties in two player zombies.

When we reached Round 35 I exclaimed the virtues of the Argus. No more.

I still like the Argus cause it's a shotgun but the difference maker this time was the Drakon Sniper rifle. This coming from someone who hates sniper rifles.

The Drakon is a semi-automatic sniper rifle with 20 bullets in the clip and 100 in the reserve. once upgraded to the Bahamut the ammo reserve jumps to 140.

The Drakon, combined with Double Tap, turned out to be a one shot, one kill weapon into the middle thirties. I was finishing rounds with my two upgraded Light Machine Guns still full. The suggestion I have read after our match was to replace the sight with a none sniper sight and turn it into a powerful semi-automatic rifle. Will have to try that next time.

Of course, when my Drakon did run out of ammo it turned out that the Zombies were pretty much immune to LMGs at that round. This is why Round 38 ended prematurely.

I may have managed to upgrade the Drakon a little bit during our 38 rounds.

I added the Turned bonus to my Drakon which converts zombies to your side and they then attack other zombies. This works well if you are on the Catwalk of Hope and Love as it blocks up the stairs and gives you a short rest. Every so often though they retreat back up the catwalk. This may add to some confusion, as shown in the following video, where I may end up accidentally head shotting my own zombies.

He didn't seem to hold a grudge though and just kept on going.

After the game all Graybush could talk about was how we missed our high on Der Riese. Round 39 on the Black Ops version of the map. Too bad we are probably never going to play zombies again. Particularly not tonight.

Stormblade's picture

We'd have got to 40.

Blackwalt's picture

...but SeanMCR.

I would definitely pick SeanMCR.

And yes I realize it is impossible to not be offended when SeanMCR is picked ahead of you. I posted anyway.

Stormblade's picture

I'd pick him ahead of you as well.

Coxxorz's picture

I don't even like zombies and I am offended you would pick SeanMCR over me.


Please stop talking.


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