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NEW Zombies!

By SeanmcR6 - Posted on 03 March 2016

Der Elsendrache

This map is pretty cool. It also pretty big. There are lots of cool things to do on it, but I won't spoil the fun for anyone who wants to discover all the easter eggs missions you can do. There are a few.

I'll admit I watched some YouTube videos of someone playing the map on PS4 a couple weeks ago. It's a lot more fun, IMO, than Shadows of Evil.

Also, with the new map, comes new Gobblegum!

If you've been playing recently, you know that the war machine has made a comeback. It was missing from the launch, but they added it some time ago in a patch. Now there's a gumball for it, plus 3 others.

Fatal Contration : Spawn a war machine

Crawl Space : All nearby zombies become crawlers!

Head Drama : All bullets do headshot damage

Undead Man Walking: Slow all zombie movement

No more trying to make crawlers with grenades or ray gun with Crawl space. This would be very useful in later rounds!

Soooo, while I really dislike how much content is behind the paywall, I really wanted to try these new gumballs out. So I bought 2400 COD point for $20. This translated to 36 vials of liquid divinium. How many of the new gumballs do you think I got with my 36?


Yep....none. Sigh, they got me and they're laughing all the way to the bank. :/

Of course, there are 4 new MP maps as well. One is a "re-imagined" map Skyjacked. (the small map on a yacht. I like how they sell you old content.

I haven't been able to play all the new maps yet, but so far my favourite is Splash. Very large map with pirates, octopus and water jet guns that get you wet. lol. There are some sniper sight lines, but it's really better to run n gun, so I love it.

And you know....OCTOPUS!

So it's Thursday...and there is new zombies. I expect to see everyone online tonight!!

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