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Revek Goes to Future Shop - and has a Coxxorz moment

By MauriceRevek - Posted on 21 November 2009

Decided to stop in at Future Shop this morning to buy some ink for my ink jet printer. I have one of those 6 cartridge printers, so it adds up when I have to buy all 6 at the same time.

Mosy... Mosie... Moosie... (sTormblade will correct)... on down to the printer section, and see that they have a bundle package of all 5 color (colour) cartridges for $84.XX (can't remember the pennies). Before taking the package, I see the nice price matching sign. Hmmm I say to myself. I wonder if I should give this a try. Ah what the heck.

Mozee on over to Wall-Mart next door, and see that they have the exact same item for $78.73! But theirs has a LOT of dust on the box. Back to Future Shop we go! Pick up the item, and try to find the associate.

Wow. I have never spent so much time in a Future Shop / Best Buy store being ignored by the associates. Usually they are like wolves on an open can of Alpo, but now, I could here the crickets call back to me when I said: Hello? Is there anybody there?

Find one guy:

Me: Hi. I found this item for $78.73 at Wall-Mart.
Him: Sorry, I don't work this section.
Me: Ah.

Wait. Wait. Wait.. Wait..

Second guy:
Me: Hi.
Him: Hi.
Me: (Thinking: wow, his back of the head is well groomed.) as he walks right passed me as if I was an annoying musical Santa ornament.

Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.

Third guy (whom I know works the section, as he sold a Mac laptop to two other guys):
Me: Hi. I found this at Wall-Mart for $78.73.
Him: Really? Let's check that out.
[Hops onto the available Mac laptop and brings up Wall-Mart Canada website.]
Him: Ok. Let's try the product code. [No results]
Him: Let's try Epson. [No results. Did you mean epsom?]
Him: Did i type that right? Eeee... Peee... Esss... Ohhhh.... Ennn... [No results. Did you mean epsom?]
Him: I did not type Epsom, I typed Epson. Try it again. [No Results. Did you mean epsom?]
Him: Oh well. guess I have to trust you.
Me: Cool.
Him: Yeah, we have to try three times. If after three, we can't find it, then we have to give it to you at that price.
Me: Cool.
Him: [punch. punch. punch.] So that comes up to $72.73 plus tax, $82 and change.

Woohoo. Saved $12 from Future Shop price, or $6 from Wall-Mart price.

Note: I went to Staples for the hell of it, and saw that they sold it at $0.25 more than Wall-Mart. Wonder if they would have price matched?

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Don't bother with associates. If they're on commission (like Future Shop), they're not quite as helpful when it comes to these things. And they'll try to upsell you on the extended warranty. Instead, go directly to the cash and ask if they'll match Store X when handing over the item. Then they will trot off to another computer to confirm the price and that Store X has it in stock. They're usually quick, because they don't want to hold up the line.

Although this time it worked out for you, because he seems to have deducted the entire price difference by mistake. It's supposed to be a reduction of 10% of the difference, taken off the lower price.

Good story!

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Thanks editor.

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