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Ninja Gaiden II any good?

By Coxxorz - Posted on 20 May 2008

I know at least one person here is going to apeshit over this, but I'm wondering who else here has any experience with this game franchise, and how it compares to stuff I might have played in the past (Virtua Fighter, Dead or Alive, etc.). has it for preorder at $53.99, but don't forget that you can save an extra $10 by creating a new account and using the code "MAPNEWNCSAVE" when you checkout. May also require a VISA card, but I'm not sure about that.

At any rate, it looks good and gory (despite the gay name), but there's precious little info around about the important stuff: Xbox Live support? Number of players? Co-op modes? Any details are appreciated...

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Traditionally single player only, high difficulty levels, tough bosses, very dedicated fan base, very well respected developer. Oh, and very bloody.
No multiplayer to speak of.

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I hear. It is very much like Devil May Cry 4. You run around and kill, all day long.

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It's not a fighting game in the "Virtua Fighter, Dead or Alive, etc" sense.
The last game wasn't too bad. It's more of third person hack n slash type of game...

I think it will be a bargain bin game for me though.

Read a few preview things on gamespot nothing seems to mention online play etc.

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