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I hope this catches on...

By Q-Bert - Posted on 21 May 2008

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But that mischievous blonde sandwich at 1:04 was awesome!

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Does it taste like skin?
Does it feel like skin?

Ok, in case you don't know they are generally a little 'harder' then normal ones. But meh...definitely not a deal breaker for me.

Long meat curtains on the other hand....

Coxxorz's picture

So then are you saying you'd be happy of there was a bag of Lego in there?

Cinder Block Boobs is definitely a deal breaker. Not just that they look and feel unnatural, but that a woman would do that to herself leads me to believe there is something psychologically/emotionally wrong with her in the first place.

Q-Bert's picture

The type of woman that turns you off is:

  • Gorgeous

  • Has huge silicon knockers

  • Is needy

  • Is jealous

  • Has weird sexual needs

Oh, yeah, I'm totally turned off too....

MauriceRevek's picture

With long meat curtains? Does that not make you gay?

Akuf's picture

Revek, Revek, Revek, ** shakes head **


Here are three things I will say to your statement
1) You have never watch heterosexual porn (I am 99.9% sure you haven't).
2) You have never seen meat curtains (I know you haven't).
3) You are really gay (as every day goes by I am getting more convinced of this)

Stormblade's picture

You really don't get out much, do you?

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