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HoC Random Question: Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

By Blackwalt - Posted on 04 November 2016

I have been meaning to ask and since it is launching today for early purchasers...

Is anyone planning on buying this years Call of Duty iteration?

To be honest, even with a new Zombie Mode, it fell off my list. Since we have barely played Black Ops 3's new zombie maps is it worth picking up this year's version?

Let me know in the comments or with direct verbal or text abuse. I do so love hearing from you guys.

My Amazon Prime 20% off is only good for two weeks so there is a deadline on this.

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But my son says he's buying it, so I will end up with it anyway. Maybe. Probably.

I, though, will not spend a cent on this drivel.

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Not a review...but here are my first impressions.

MP feels a LOT like Halo MP. Maybe it's the whole futurist thing, but the mechanics are not the same as BO3.

Also, MP loads MUCH faster than BO3. From matchmaking to end of game, there is no staring at trees for 15 seconds anymore.

However, there is much less information presented. There are almost no "notifications". So you have no idea if you unlocked any camos or calling cards. Nor is there any little icons or new indicators once you are back in the menu. None. At all.

Single player has crashed on me twice. Crashed the whole game. What is this, Windows Millenium? They had THREE years to develop this game...

Zombies is...meh. It's like Shadows of Evil turned up to 11. There are 3 or 4 different builds on the map, 2 easter eggs, etc. You have to turn the power on to 5 or 6 areas, so it takes a lot of rounds/cash to get anything done. This is great for the 9 yr old that can build a train of 90 zombies with nothing more than a pistol, but as the old man that I am, I desire the simple grinding of old school zombies.

Also, you cannot shoot David Hasselhoff in the face and really, is there any other reason to put him in the game?

I do, however, like the soundtrack/music.

Haven't played the remaster yet, but I think if HoC do play, it will be that game over Infinite Warfare.

But I've been wrong before.

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How many more yeses until I have to comply?

And are you guys buying the legacy version with the COD4 remaster or just the standard version? $63.99 vs $87.99 so there is a $25 difference. (Amazon Prime prices)

PS- I guess this also means Graybush isn't dead

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Or did he just see the words "call of duty" and jumped to conclusions?

Let's test that theory...


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for COD4 and maybe zombies.

And I'm not dead.
I feel fine.
I might go for a walk.

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...that Aku is out.

And that SeanMCR is in.

Anyone else have an opinion (or five)?

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but it's a 51GB I'll follow up in a week

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Downloading now...

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Kill me.

Also... No.


Great, your heart graph is giving me a heart attack. Thanks.


Good to know that someone cares

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