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What to play this week?

By Coxxorz - Posted on 10 June 2008

2008-06-11 20:00
2008-06-11 23:59

It's too late for this week, but I'd like to suggest a game for an upcoming Retro Sega Nite: Return to Castle Wolfenstein. I know a lot of you loved the PC version, and some of you might recall that it came out for original Xbox a while back. The good news is it's backwards (forewards?) compatible with the 360, and can be found in Blockbuster Video's clearance bins (near the cash, usually) for $4.99. So pick one up!

I suppose we could play the actual PC/Mac version of the game, but I don't know how many of you have it or can even run it on your shiny new Vista boxes. Maybe a poll is in order...

Stormblade's picture

but I was thinking Halo3.

Coxxorz's picture

Or am I gonna have to get Half-pint to ban all of you?

Coxxorz's picture

45 minutes in, and ONE of you is online. Even the person who picked the game is nowhere to be seen! FUCKERS!!!!!!

Blackwalt's picture

That Coxxorz has been Away for the last 15 minutes!

What word did you use? Oh yeah... FUCKER!!!!!!

Stormblade's picture

Had family computer issues. But we ended up having fun anyway. HardWOOD joined, so we were actually 4 clan members, and then IvanK popped in for some COD4 later. It was a good time.

Of course, most of you losers, who have Halo3 and we know it, didn't bother to show up, but Blackwalt, Coxxorz and I have given up being surprised.

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...shooting at chicks

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"In", you mean...

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depends on his aim.

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...I meant AT, because I always pull out the pistol and aim for the face, head or back depending on where she is positioned.

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See that line in the sand, about 20 feet back ... ?


Akuf's picture

...even though it doesn't matter anymore in my case. But imagine if I wasn't 'fixed'. Could imagine what the world would be like with all these little Akufadumamais running around causing havoc?

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...I have actually never played it online as COD4 and Burnout came out you guys just stopped playing it.

THough my rank is really low in all those games actually. Maybe I should start playing COD4 more often. But I hate being redshirt

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But you're still going to be redshirt. Unless we play campaign.

Akuf's picture

I will make you deal

I will be your redshirt...

As long as you step in the ring with me.

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I'm a doctor, not a physician!!!

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done that many times

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I broked it.

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