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It's a card's card

By Blackwalt - Posted on 25 August 2008

It's all in keeping with the theme

In connection with Stormblade's story below I give you images of his Birthday Card:

Cover: Seems familiar.Cover: Seems familiar.

As for the gift. Coxxorz and I saw the twin bed version as we walking through Ikea. We immediately started laughing and knew we had to buy it. The twin only has a single man on it which would have been more appropriate but Stormblade has a queen size bed! Wishful thinking I guess. Seems just as pointless as MoriceRevek's queen.

The fact that the duvet cover was in Xbox Black and Green colour was icing on the cake.

A Troll's picture

so much time to do these things? I mean, I can see why you would want to torment StromBlade, but damn, it all takes time if you go to this level of detail.

Coxxorz's picture

We all do awesome things like that for each other here in Canada.

Akuf's picture birthday was this past Sunday and I am in Canada...

I am starting to feel jipped (and before i get Reveked I don't even think it is a real word)

Coxxorz's picture
Blackwalt's picture

Since you didn't ask for it....

Coxxorz's picture

For clicking on the link.

Blackwalt's picture

But I can spell gypped without the help.

A Troll's picture

I would just love it if my "friends" called be a homosexual and wished me dead.

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Stormblade's picture

And there also graphic designers with no real work to do.

A Troll's picture

If they were here in the states they would work for Hollywood or some politicians media blitz.

Coxxorz's picture


Stormblade's picture

I've been Reveked!!

MauriceRevek's picture

If 'Reveked' has not been added yet to the Lexicon, it should be.

Akuf's picture

We don't die if we get reveked...

We just get insulted and laughed at

Coxxorz's picture

Don't make me proofread your book next.

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