You are hereMicrosoft to Forza 2 owners, "screw you"

Microsoft to Forza 2 owners, "screw you"

By Blackwalt - Posted on 29 August 2008

Again technically

So Microsoft has released a Forza 2 Platinum Hits two disc edition to the North American market. Presently its only available in the U.S., so they are already screwing over European and Canadian customers but that's not what this article is about.

It is a two disc version. The second disc contains all previously released downloadable content for Forza 2, the extras from the Limited Edition, and the bonus pre-order car.

A great deal for a new customer but not so good for existing customers.

Already own Forza 2? Too bad. Microsoft hasn't cut the price of the downloadable content for existing owners. Sucks to be you.

The Forza 2 Platinum Hit has been out since August 19th and there has been no price reduction on DLC. Might as well keep gouging the customers who already spent $60 for the original version.

In fact at $19 USD for the platinum version and $16.50 (loose conversion) for the DLC its almost worth repurchasing the entire game (Platinum Version) instead of the DLC. Particularly with the pre-order and limited edition content.

Of course, if you already own some DLC and then buy the platinum version expect difficulties of your own.

Why make it work out of the box? It does seem like too much work.

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'cause I can!

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Classic Microshit tackles right there. What a bunch of losers.

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Cuz Sony never pulled any shit like that...

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