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Console Exchange again...

By Blackwalt - Posted on 23 September 2008

This was the first one ever created!

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I saw a really annoying commercial on the weekend for "" or something like that. They offer to run diagnostics for you and fix things like frequent crashing, slowdowns, spyware, registry issues, etc., but about half the people in the commercial are using Macs! Including one where they show a BSOD on what is clearly a Mac laptop. At least they had the common sense to put "for Windows PC's only" in small print in the corner.

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It must be user thing. It is always amazing to me how many MAC people feel they have to bash Windows. I think they have a complex or something.

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It's odd how many times I see people spell it "MAC" in all caps, like it's an acronym. Or maybe deep down they know it's superior?

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No one finds it worth their time to spell out Macintosh.

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When you're the best, you don't have to be presumptuous.

And before you say it, I manage an IT department that runs several Winblows servers and manages 50 P(o)C desktops/laptops running XP and Vista. Although we have upgraded most of the Vista machines to XP.

And yes, they all suck.

A Troll's picture

that dislikes Windows and has no flavors of UNIX (at least none that you mentioned). Lots of street cred there.

Next thing I know you will be trying to give me tips on women.

I do have to agree with you about Vista, it blows. Our company is skipping it and waiting for the next version of Windows. Just so you know, when our company skips a software product, the vendor hurts, even Microsoft. We have over 150K windows work stations.

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No Unix here simply because it's overkill in this size of company. I have managed IT areas in companies so large that we were often given product just so vendors could say we used it. In those cases we had several flavours of Unix (notice the ou in flavour. kind of like colour, neighbour, harbour, etc. It still amazes me Americans can't spell).

BTW, Troll, OS X is Unix.

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Since you are a manager type, I will be gentle with you and not pick on you as much at least when it comes to technology. Do you have pointy hair?

So Americans cannot spell you say. Is that because we cast off the English rule and went our own way while Canada still clings to the Queen's tit? I am always astonished how some insignificant countries like to think they are superior to the USA.

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My cats breath smells like catfood

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..and about the MAC thing... i dunno - what's the latest worldwide market share anyways... i know i know - you 3% Mac elites know better than the rest of the planet...

The "wee" man always needs to boast how big and bad he is ...

So Vista isn't the second coming of Christ - you break few eggs mak'n an omelet...

mmmm.... I'm hungry..... think i'll go eat an.... APPLE

p.s - blackwalt - keep me on the list :)

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...No offence to stormblade...

I think I am better with women that he is.

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Although I also know you try a lot harder. You'd love Colorado (especially Boulder) Aku. Fitness capital of the US. Lots of buff ladies. Too buff for me.

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...I don't try at all really...

I just hi, some times ask how they are...

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...** Starts thinking of possible road trips **

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I wrote this strip and I am reading your comment and posting mine on my home machine. Running Windows XP.

Although I do work on a Mac (for a least a few more months anyway).


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