You are hereSo where is the HOC merchandise?

So where is the HOC merchandise?

By MauriceRevek - Posted on 16 August 2007

I see all these nice T-shirts and mugs. but nothing bearing the HOC logo?

I want a MUG!

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Like this?

It's the old bitmap version of the logo, but this was meant to be a retro design...


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Because I require caffine is prodigious quantities...

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Stormblade's picture

Coffee Stein!!! I'm in!!!!

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I want to buy it, and I know it SEZ microwave safe, but I want someone ELSE to test it first. So.. testies, testies, 1,2,3 - who's buying it first - won't be me.

Coxxorz's picture

You mean the Stein? I wouldn't put that thing in a microwave unless you're tired of your house... did you notice the big metallic ring around the rim?

Anyways, here's a regular large mug for you WHINERS...

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FYI, almost all of the CafePress merchandise comes with a HOCP logo on it. However, as a trademark logo, not as the primary art.

Although some straight HoC merchandise would be pretty cool....

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If anyone has any cool ideas for products or designs, please let me know and I'll whip it up. There's more crap available to be HOCified than is shown in the current storefront. Here's a link to some other options:

But it looks like they only do the front logo.

Ideally I would like the cat face on the front and Herd of Cats Productions written on the Back or side.

Beige or black or CAMO!!!

(Absolutely not the trucker cap btw)

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Well, I added the khaki one. The only other options are White and Black, which are not optimal. The black one has the design printed on an oval(!) which is stitched onto the cap.

Neither version allows artwork on the back or side. :-(


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No HoC or Productions text or box.

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Oh , right. Nevermind...

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