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Halo 3 Missile Case Organizer

By Blackwalt - Posted on 13 September 2007

I want one yet...

Is it me or is this thing pretty much useless?

I mean its a cool looking case. It is a missile case. And its a Halo 3 themed missile case. And at $24.99 CDN it's not hugely expensive.

It is, however, small. It holds 5 games CDs, one controller, one headset. I assume you could cram more in or it could hold another controller instead of the headset (or technically, two headsets). It looks like it is designed for wireless controllers only - a wired controller would be a tight fit.

I have four controllers (3 wireless, 1 wired), seventeen 360 games (omg!), and several headsets (although only one is required) so I would require FOUR of these for a single LAN party ($100 bucks worth). THREE if I was willing to not take every game but what's the point in that!

Admittedly four Halo 3 missile cases would be pretty cool if they stacked but still, one larger case would be more practical. A larger size Missile case that held my 360, all my games and enough accessories to be useful would have been seriously cool! That I would have bought even if it was more expensive and my Xbox 360 messenger bag would have been tossed out the door. (or converted into a bed for Half-pint)

Halo fan boys will still buy the tiny useless case but I suspect a lot more of them would have bought the larger version. And USA Home Security (RCMP for us, I guess) would have been kept busy arresting every Halo LAN party attendee. would have been worth it...

And as a Halo fan (and purchaser of too many Xbox 360 accessories) it "will definitely be added to my wish list," to steal Coxxorz' words.

Update: Hi-rez pictures available at IGN.

Update2: I am not alone. Although this is the preview version.

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But it wouldn't be the first time we bought something pointless, but cool!

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