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BioShock confuses me.

By Blackwalt - Posted on 17 August 2007

I know, I know, not hard.

But its previews were off the charts, its demo had everyone raving. Bill f***ing Harris said "I was looking forward to this game very much until I played the demo. Now, it's gone from "very much" to "fevered."" Fevered! As Snuffy D and Coxxorz know, I usually listen to Bill F***ing Harris.

BUT... and its a pretty big BUT... it breaks the cardinal rule of Xbox 360 gaming – NO MULTIPLAYER. So what is an HoC member to do?

Not just no co-op multiplayer, but no multiplayer period.

I know its not supposed to be a multiplayer game and the developer put everything into a high quality single player experience. And yes, its reviewing everywhere with 9+ reviews. TeamXbox at 9.5. Eurogamer at 10.

But still, its hard to get around the no multiplayer, what's the point of a first person shooter without multiplayer. I mean, really, what were they thinking?

With limited gaming time, I prefer to minimize the single player experience and stick with gaming with friends. Usually Coxxorz but it looks like Stormblade and MoriceRevek are coming online soon.

With Medal of Honor Airborne, Army of Two, Halo 3 and other fall releases upcoming (which support multiplayer) is it worth $59.99 for Bioshock or should I be saving the money for a future multiplayer experience? Co-op or otherwise?

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In my case, I am going to defer to the clan elders on this one. My gaming time and budget are limited and I am going to focus on those games that HOC plans to play online. Not much point in spending time of single player games, no matter how pretty they are.

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