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It's moments like these

By Stormblade - Posted on 23 October 2008

That make me seriously wonder whether or not America is worth saving.

Swag's picture

Has the "Christianity that [she] know[s]"?

This isn't even worth anyone's time.

Noir's picture

See when I say Americans are retarded, I am talking about These people.

The ignorant blind faith dumb shits.

God she is ugly.

Akuf's picture

...definitely an inbred, ignorant hillbilly obviously the product of on too many cheeseburgers.

She shouldn't even be allowed to vote.

A Troll's picture

She obviously is just stupid. Being ignorant implies that you could learn to overcome the lack of knowledge, etc.

Also, I wouldn't insult the hillbillies like that. She is just like George Bush, a good ol' Christian bot who doesn't mind killing thousands of people.

Noir is right, she is ugly, butt ugly.

Blackwalt's picture

We base it on you as well.

A Troll's picture

Jealousy is such an ugly beast.

Stormblade's picture

We base it more on those wonderful guys we played COD4 with last night. Prime examples of American superiority.

White power, yeah.

A Troll's picture

I can easily go find some ignorant Canadians just like those guys from last night.

Besides you guys really missed your chance last night. You could have said you were Black Canadians, that would have really sent them over the edge.

Stormblade's picture

Be they American, Canadian, or Zimbabwean. Be it based solely on race, language, religion or culture. There is no place on this planet for these people. They should be rounded up and put on space ships sent to find a new world elsewhere. No need for expensive life support systems either. Let them take their chances.

The exception of course are those who hate the French. That's just common sense.

Noir's picture

I must almost fully agree. Race, language and cultures should be respected, nothing I hate more then racism. There is no point for it. So when I see shit like people (mostly) in the south, for example, being interviewed about their views about Obama I get enraged (I don't think I need to list the common things they say here).

I wouldn't, though, put religon on the same field; nor do I believe that religion should be immune to critisism and or scrutiny. Religious fanatics and moderates alike do crazy and retarded things all the time and people just avert their eyes when it happens. Unfortunately, the most damage is caused by "religious racism(?)" these days.

I'll leave it at that for now.

Akuf's picture

...if you are like me and just hate everybody equally?

Akuf's picture

...all the U.S. on her, just the conservatives

Stormblade's picture

We should introduce her to Revek. I'm sure the zombie she's married to wouldn't mind.

Akuf's picture

...The Revek should shove his in her mouth so she can stop talking. But then I thought wait nah I can't insult Revek like that.

A Troll's picture

but that would be a very cruel type of thing to do to someone.

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