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Lining up for Gears of War 2

By Coxxorz - Posted on 06 November 2008

Yes, I'll be standing there like a dork, among the other hyperactive teenage dorks, waiting for the midnight nerdgasm at Future Shop as I await my exclusive Gears action figure. You know, the one that was supposedly included with both the regular and Collectors Edition of the game, then was only available with preorder, then was only available with the CE, then was not available for preorder online anymore. The one that they're going to announce has "sold out" after the first fifteen people have been let into the store, despite the fact that each store is receiving twenty units. The one that if I do wait in the cold for an hour and manage to get one, will be lining store shelves for the next six months at $5 apiece. That one.

So if anyone want to join me, I'll be at Merivale Road, wearing my GTA hat, carrying a shotgun in case of zombies, and generally acting irritable to avoid having to talk to the other pathetic loners in the crowd. Come on, it'll be fun!

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cog tags? ....bbusha!

the lancer baby! it's all about the lancer!!!!!!

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How does it look? Oh wait, you don't have it yet. BUSHHAA!!!

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Just can't wait?

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But I'm a sucker for cool free action figures.

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Stood in line outside for 20 minites, now standing in line to pay...

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Was gonna post more on location, but their "Future Shop" WiFi signal that reaches outside is not hooked up to the internet for some reason. I guess they don't want a bunch of hobos with laptops huddled up against their walls at all hours of the night.

Anyway, there was only about 30 people in line. I got bored and went across the street to taunt the noobs lined up at Best Buy (enjoy your keychain, fools!), then off to the drug store to pick up some snacks. Got back just in time to not lose a single place in line!
At about 11:50, some FS dude came out to see if anyone had preordered. The guys ahead of me got excited, thinking they'd get preferential treatment (head of the line, etc.). No such luck. They were simply instructed to head left when they got in the door. In fact, that's where they still were when I was leaving...
At one point an employee came out carrying a handful of Xbox 360 games, and was almost mobbed by the crowd. Turns out he was just doing a trade-in, and had to wait his turn like everyone else.

Things went pretty smoothly inside. There were actually 50 of the limited edition figures per store, and they were being given to everyone, not just people who bought the Special Edition (take that, Blackwalt!). They kept saying "no rush guys, we got lots!", but neglected to mention that the cool black Gears shirts they were wearing were just for employees. I'm pretty sure I could take the guy who I talked to last week (as Blackwalt can confirm), but I doubt I would have fit it.

So after standing in line for half an hour, I finally got my hands on a copy of the game, grabbed my action figure, and... stood in line again! Dammit. At least I was able to find a bunch more wireless networks inside the store, one of which had internet access.

So now I'm playing Gears, and you all suck! Enjoy your preorders... eventually.

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...little thing is worth $200????

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... is in the eyes of the beholder.

Ask Blackwalt what he payed for the plastic gun that makes chainsaw sounds ...

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It is in the eyes of the Marketing guys.

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...and they are preying on all the little nerdy virgins.

Which BTW this is going sound extremely racist but it is funny. So, I mean no offence...

I picked up the lastest and greatest Family Guy collection.
There is one episode where some Muslim guy dies goes to heaven for his 72 virgins. The amusing part was they were all gamers.

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you mean male gamers. Not of the CuG variety.

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...should have qualified that

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I pre-ordered mine.

Which reminds me, my Left4Dead demo code showed up today. I will think of you all when I am playing it without you.

And chuckling.


Walmart is offering E3 pre-order deals. Of primary interest to Herd of Cats is Black Ops 4 available for $50. We may be against pre-ordering here at HoC but that is $30 off.


Great, your heart graph is giving me a heart attack. Thanks.


Good to know that someone cares

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