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Take me out to the movies

By MauriceRevek - Posted on 10 March 2009

Got a text from q-bert today, asking me if I was interested in seeing watchmen tonight. I said sure, why not. Even thought I saw it already on Sunday (review to follow) I don't mind seeing it again, especially if I can get him to pay for the tickets.

I told him that when I saw it with swag Sunday, we had to sit 2 rows apart because the theater was already full, even thought we had got there 20 minutes ahead of time.

Same thing again tonight. Except this time, q-bert is sitting 20 seats away. Bonus!

Those who ate familiar with q-bert and going to the movies with him, know that he has a bladder of an 80 year old. Poor sap forgot to go before sitting down. Already got a text from him stating that he needed to pee.

Now is only pebles could send him a text telling him that he is not allowed to go see the movie without her. Or if any other member could send him text messages along the line of: niagara falls; flowing water; relief; cold water, my evening would be complete.

Oops movie starting.

Coxxorz's picture

I'm off to see it now. Unless somebody has any reason why this movie should not be watched... speak now, or forever hold your pee.

Dark Nightowl's picture

And I enjoyed the movie. I caught the 7 p.m. IMAX presentation this evening (Saturday). I sat through the whole movie (probably because I didn't handicap my self by buying an overpriced beverage from the concession stand).

I thought the opening sequence was really well done. I can't say more without issuing spoiler alerts.

A fellow Watchmen fan thought it was okay but preferred the motion-comic DVD.... even over the original comics.

That said, this movie is not for everybody.

Coxxorz's picture

I never got into that comic, but my wife is eager to see it. I told her not to expect "X-Men" or "Iron Man".

We didn't go last night, but will probably see it tonight.

Q-Bert's picture

and I was able to hold it in.

Good try from Blackwalt at 2 SMS. But I received about 15 emails during the movie, so the SMS buzzes were buried by the email buzzes.

Coxxorz's picture

And what's with the site clock, anyway? These guys couldn't possibly be at the theater at 1pm, could they?

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