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A Masterpiece from HoC Productions

By Blackwalt - Posted on 16 March 2009

Fine, start your mocking, but I think it's pretty cool and it took a lot of work

Updated 03-19-2009 – Kr replaced with Superman Returns: the videogame. Kameo: Elements of Power moved to K. Peter Jackson's King Kong removed. Sorry there big guy. Should have been updated at all locations.

So this first came out of seeing this link for IHC's Periodic Table of Video Game Characters which lead us back to a Digg link for a Periodic Table of Cartoon Characters.

Shortly after starting the process Gizmodo found and linked The Periodic Table of Typefaces.

I sent the Video Game Characters to Coxxorz and it lead to a conversation about an Xbox 360 specific version of a Periodic Table. This was mocked by Coxxorz with the observation that there wouldn't be enough Xbox 360 games for a full Periodic Table.

So the challenge was on!

Technically, I did have to move beyond the Xbox 360 and delve into original Xbox, Xbox Live Arcade and pre-release games but I did complete a full 118 element Periodic Table.

Which is particularly surprising as my first version only had 110 elements. 118? Who knew? It wasn't my fault! It was the first version that I found on the the web!! Then I found Webelements which set me straight with 118 elements (good) and "UUx" names instead of "UNx" names (bad).

The first chart I found and based everything on had the elements 104-110 starting with "UN" particularly useful in the case of "UNO" (no kidding) but after having them changed to the correct 112-118 starting with "UU" things got uglier. Don't get me wrong, "UUO" is still Uno but the connection is, well, weaker.

So coming up with 118 matching elements took a while and they changed substantially during the different layouts as I kept thinking of something that fit better (I've made two changes since I started this story). Of course, changing one usually meant stealing from another. I also had some difficulty finding good quality cover images. Particularly for the pre-release games.

I tried to follow some basic guidelines in my choices:

  • preference to Xbox 360 games
  • no duplicates from a series (only one Halo, C&C, Tomb Raider, etc)
  • preference to direct elemental match
  • preference for HoC favourites
  • preference for direct alphabetical match
  • second preference for reasonable alphabetical match
  • third preference for any remote alphabetical match
  • preference for a complete suspension of belief...

I will post a chart of Elements and their corresponding Xbox games at a later date.

In fact, I am pretty happy with most of the matches. Only a few got into the "really out there" territory. But 99% of them are acceptable. I'll let you figure out which ones don't really fit. And I am sure I will be hearing all about your own preferred choices.

This is an completely original Herd of Cats production, btw. And is probably one of the first productions that I actively want to distribute across the internet.

You can download a lo-res version of the original PDF here: HoCPeriodicTableofXbox.

Those of you that know my email can ask for a hi-res 3.5MB pdf and I will email it directly to you. Every time I post a large file on Herd of Cats Q-Bert's eye twitch gets worse so I try to avoid it. Be sure to use my tygerteam account.

*Update*: Posted a chart of the Xbox games and the corresponding elements. As promised.

HardW00D's picture


Blackwalt's picture

What the heck are you doing here?

Coxxorz's picture

We've got enough original content in the channel to fill your old cubicle.

Speaking of which... where's your old iMac?

Akuf's picture

Uh...Where is Fallout 3?

Blackwalt's picture

I found a spot for it after all.

Coxxorz's picture

Although I would have used "Waa".

Akuf's picture

Coxxorz just zinged me...


Coxxorz's picture

You'll know when I zing you.

Funny avatar btw. But why did you photoshop the eyebrows like that?

Akuf's picture

I don't get they eyebrow comment

I was 22 in that pic...ah...the old days...sigh.
I thought I was indestructible back then.

MauriceRevek's picture

Where the numbers edited?

Akuf's picture

They are private almost as valuable as a SIN number.

Q-Bert's picture

You have a criminal record...

MauriceRevek's picture

I had not considered that. You could at least change them so that the effect remains.

Coxxorz's picture

Glad I didn't mention the lips.

Akuf's picture

I just saw it now...

Coxxorz's picture

Strangely, avatars don't refresh until you reload the page for some reason.

Akuf's picture
Coxxorz's picture

Just a guess.

Akuf's picture

Well now, I didn't even catch that. Impressive (in a geeky sort of way) but this just confirms and makes it official you guys have WAY TOO MUCH TIME.

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MauriceRevek's picture

I did not take a look at the chart in detail yet, but it looks cool. Could definatly make a laminated wall frame of it for my office. Send me the high rez.

Coxxorz's picture

Oh wait– that's my department.

MauriceRevek's picture

I think I will order one!

Coxxorz's picture

It appears that thing is full of copyrighted artwork, so there's no way the Cafepress Usage Police will let it go through.

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