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Who thought up using Dune Worms?!?

By Stormblade - Posted on 25 September 2007

I have been trying to finish up Overlord before Halo 3 arrives. Unfortunately, this is one freaking long and convoluted game! I spent yesterday fighting Dune worms. There is only one way to kill them and yes, it is time consuming and involved.

So, since it isn't obvious, but necessary for the story, I am issuing a spoiler alert. If you want to keep reading, scroll down.



Ok, the only way to kill the worms is to have one of your minions pick up an egg from a blaster bug's nest, wave it in front of said blaster bug to annoy it enough to get it to follow your minion, make your minion, egg in hand, run onto the sand with the blaster bug following it, make enough noise to wake the worm, and then have the minion drop the egg and run like hell so it doesn't get eaten. At this point, the worm appears, sees the blaster bug and eats it. As it swallows, the bug explodes (hence the name) and causes extreme indigestion. You need to do this twice per worm or, if you're lucky, get two blaster bugs to follow at once.

There are numerous issues at hand here. Besides the complexity above, there are some added problems. Firstly, discovering this solution required trial and error.

And death. Frequent death.

As with many console games, the save points are sporadic and predetermined, so you have to redo several steps each time you die. Secondly, you need to limit your minion use while fighting the worms. Minions are stupid, and dying is not really a big deal to them. They do it well. The worms like to eat minions. At one point, I had 43 minions and a worm ate them all in a single bite. Not good. Thirdly, controlling yourself and an egg-carrying minion at the same time while luring the blaster bug, but not killing it, and getting to where the worm is without dying required considerable controller dexterity and patience.

It took me three freaking hours to work this out. It was only part of the level. The save point after all of that was still a ways off and so I had to then stay alive long enough to reach it.

I am not done the level and there's no way I am going to finish before Halo. Ah well, I do love my stupid minions though, so I guess I will play it during Halo overdose breaks.

They remind me so much of BlackWalt and Q-Bert ...

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