You are hereThere'll be a hot time in the old town tonight!

There'll be a hot time in the old town tonight!

By Blackwalt - Posted on 06 April 2009

I swear it was Mrs O'Leary's cow...

In Stormovision: I turned in place and took pictures...In Stormovision: I turned in place and took pictures...

So last night is Saints Row 2 I was completing a Sons of Samedi mission which involved chasing helicopters.

Where there's smoke...: View from my nearest cribWhere there's smoke...: View from my nearest cribI was driving through the Projects District when I noticed that there was smoke pouring out of the Sunnyvale Gardens. Didn't think anything about it but I thought I spotted a tagging area so I marked it on the map.

After I finished the mission and booted around for a while I headed back to my bookmarked map area and discovered that Sunnyvale Gardens was still on fire. I counted at least eight buildings with flames and smoke pouring out.

The block was on fire and the fire was growing.

*Cough, cough, hack*: there seems to be some kind of updraft*Cough, cough, hack*: there seems to be some kind of updraft
I realize that Stilwater is supposed to be dynamic but I am used to areas resetting when you drive in and out of them. This fire was persistent. I was both surprised and impressed.

The Stilwater Fire Department was on the scene but seemed to be as ineffective as the Stilwater Police Department. I did think of going back to my crib and getting my own fire truck (I have two) to come and help out but as a gang leader I find my character isn't very civic minded. This despite the obvious opportunity to run over many civilians in a big truck. And I would have been able to play with the siren and firehose.

Stop standing around!: at least turn the firehose onStop standing around!: at least turn the firehose onIt was more fun to just stand and watch Stilwater burn. Now If only I can find a fiddle.

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If you mean "Click here for same sized thumbnail in a new window", then that would be Blackwaltvision. Traditional Stormovision would require filtering through some kind of reality distortion field – like seething hatred – to produce a twisted view of the world.

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This image is not a thumbnail by any stretch.

In fact it is the largest size allowed by Drupal's image module.

When you are limited to a maximum width of 640 pixels this is what you get – 640 pixel wide image.

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You mean the 12-megapixel photos of me & Eliza Dushku are gonna get sampled down to 640?!!!

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